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May 10, 2005 (WTC)


This Update:

Finally after over a year and a half without updates, this site is getting the largest update in its history! This update consists of 215 new games, 205 updated games (total 420 new & updated games), 14 new prototypes, 14 updated prototypes (total 28 new & updated prototypes), and 1 new 21st century game. I have learned a great deal about various games from doing this update, which spanned over a year on my local hard drive. I would like to thank the following:

1. Dan Hower from The Arcade Flyer Archive for several nice & large screenshots of games from their respective flyers. His help was very much appreciated.
2. The Guru for screenshots of games like Point Blank 2 and others, and for information on protection devices.
3. System 16 for various hardware information on Sega, Konami, Atari, and Capcom games and for screenshots of various games.
4. Bobby Tribble's unMAMEd Arcade Games for screenshots of Party Time, Yukiwo & various other information on several games.
5. Tomasz Slanina's W.I.P. Page for screenshots of several games he worked on.
6. Reip's W.I.P. Page for many screenshots of games he worked on.
7. Mish's W.I.P. Page for screenshots of Boogie Wings.
8. Haze's MAME WIP for many screenshots of games he worked on.
9. Deb's Page of Italian Arcade Games for screenshots of various Italian games.
10. My 2 good friends in the dumping project for a lot of info on several Japanese games & translations & some screenshots.
11. Charles "Mac Daddy" McDonald for kicking off the process of dumping FD1094's & FD1089's so that the games on Systems 16A, 16B, 18, and 24 along with Turbo Out Run, and the Sega X and Y Board games can all be emulated.
12. Haze, Nicola, the Guru, and the Belgian dumping team for following up and dumping and emulating even more of these Sega games, which are some of my favorite.
13. Whoever bought and/or dumped that Pocket Gal Deluxe bootleg that led to the decryption of the Data East 102 CPU.
14. Haze, Mish, Guru, and Nicola for dumping and emulating Diet Go Go & Boogie Wings, 2 incredibly fun DECO games I have long awaited.
15. Billy Pitt & xacrow for several screenshots of Neo-Geo prototypes.
16. The various sellers whose auctions provided screenshots of never before seen games.
17. All the other devs who worked hard on emulating the games seen here and anyone else I may have missed (email me & I'll include you).

I'm interested in buying Night Warrior, a Korean bootleg of Night Slashers that may be available. Please email me if you have access to this or a Round Up 5: Super Delta Force manual.

After Burner
Command War: Super Special Battle & War Game
Demons & Dragons
Fight Fever 2 - The Eye of the Typhoon / Kyoku Cho Gou Ken
Huddle Up
Mahou Juku: Magic Master
Snapper (Exidy)
Street Drivin'
Super Tank Attack
Tenrin No Syo Chicago

Updated Prototype Games

Air Walkers
Argus (Gottlieb) / Protector / Videoman / Guardian
Back Fire
Bang² Busters
Ghost Lop
Ironclad Brikinger Chotetsu
Last Odyssey Pinball Fantasia
Puzzle Club (Namco)
Quiz Omaeni Pipon Cho!
Shinryu Senki: The Warlocks of the Fates
Sunshine / Block Paradise
Video Vince and the Game Factory
Wiz Warz: At Castle Punk / Arena / Hexus

New 21st Century Games

Mr. Driller G

New Game Entries

A.D. 2083
Alpha Fighter
Arcadia Multi Select System: Aaargh!
Arcadia Multi Select System: Blasta Ball
Arcadia Multi Select System: Leader Board
Arcadia Multi Select System: Magic Johnson's Fast Break
Arcadia Multi Select System: Pool
Arcadia Multi Select System: Road Wars
Arcadia Multi Select System: Rockford
Arcadia Multi Select System: Side Winder
Arcadia Multi Select System: Space Ranger
Arcadia Multi Select System: SportTime Bowling
Arcadia Multi Select System: SportTime Table Hockey
Arcadia Multi Select System: Spot
Arcadia Multi Select System: World Darts
Arcadia Multi Select System: World Trophy Soccer
Arcadia Multi Select System: Xenon
Ashita no Joe
Astro Chase
Avalanche / Cascade
B.C. Story
Baraduke / Alien Sector
Batman Forever
Beach Festival World Championship 1997
Behind Enemy Lines
Big Fight: Big Trouble in the Atlantic Ocean
Big Striker / Best League
Born To Fight
Breakout Deluxe
Bubble 2000 / Hot Bubble No.1
Bull Fighter
Bulls Eye Darts
Car Hunt
Cat 'N Mouse
Centipede / Caterpillar / Magic Worm / Mill Pac
Century Video System: Digger
Century Video System: Raiders
Choky! Choky!
Circus Charlie
Computer Space Ball
Cookie & Bibi
Counter Run
Cross Pang
Crowns Golf / Champion Golf
Dai San Wakusei
Dark Horse
Daytona USA 2: Power Edition
Deep Scan
Do! Run Run / Super Pierrot
Double Block
Double Block T3
Double Point
Dr. Tomy
Dragon Bowl
Dragon World II / Zhong Guo Long II
Dream World
Drop Zone 4
Dual: Alpha Fighter / Head On
Dual: Car Hunt / Deep Scan
Dual: Deep Scan / Head On 2
Dual: Invinco / Car Hunt
Dual: Invinco / Deep Scan
Dual: Invinco / Head On 2
Erotictac / Tactic
Exciting Soccer
Exciting Soccer II
Final Lap R
Final Ranger
Flip and Flop
Flying Tiger
Funny Strip
Galaxy Force (Sun Electronics)
Go! Go! Coaster
Gran Trak 10
Gran Trak 20
Gray Out
Hangman: The Video Game
Hard Head / Popper
Head On (Gottlieb)
Head On (Irem)
Head On 2
Heaven's Gate
Heiankyo Alien
Hidden Catch / Tul Lin Gu Lim Chat Ki '98
Hollywood Action
Hot Mind
Hyper Pacman
Itazura Angel
Jangou Lady
Kick Boy
Koi Koi
Koi Koi Part 2
Konami 80's Arcade Gallery
Land Breaker / Miss Tang Ja Ru Gi
Launcher Z
Legend of Heroes
Libero Grande
Lover Boy
Mahjong Block Jongbou
Mighty Warriors
Miss Puzzle
Monster Zero
Monsters World
Monza GP
More More
More More Plus
Mr. Do's Castle / Mr. Do v.s Unicorns
Mr. Do's Wild Ride
MTV Rock-N-Roll Trivia Part 2
Multi 5 / New Multi Game 5
Multi Amenity Cassette System: Kisekae Hanafuda
Multi Amenity Cassette System: Kisekae Mahjong
Multi Amenity Cassette System: Seimei-Kantei-Meimei-Ki Cult Name
Multi Amenity Cassette System: Yu-Jan
Multi Amenity Cassette System: Yu-Ka
Nagano Winter Olympics '98
Naughty Mouse
Neratte Chu
One + Two
Pachinko Gindama Shoubu
Pachinko Gindama Shoubu Deluxe
Pachinko Sexy Reaction
Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2
Paint 'N' Puzzle
Pang Pang Car
Pinball Champ '95
Ping Pong Masters '93
Pipe Line
Point Blank / Gun Bullet
Point Blank 2
Pooyan / Pootan
Pop Bingo
Powerful Baseball '96
Powerful Pro Baseball EX
Purikura Daisakusen
Puzzle Club (Yun Sung)
Rack + Roll / Hex Pool
Renju Kizoku
Roc'n Rope
Sando-R: Puzzle & Action / Treasure Hunt: Puzzle & Action
Scramble / Explorer / Strafe Bomb
Scud Race Plus
Search Eye
Sente Super System: Moonquake
Shanghai: The Great Wall / Shanghai Triple Threat
Shao-Lin's Road / Kicker
Sky Lancer
Snapper (Philko)
Space Attack
Space Battle (Hoei)
Space Battle (U.S. Billiards)
Space Fighter
Space Fighter Mark II
Space Guerrilla
Space Trek
Spirit of 76
Sprint 1
Sprint 2
Star Gladiator: Episode: I - Final Crusade
Strip Teaser
Super Cobra
Super Cross II
Super Crown Golf
Super Eagle Shot
Super Lup Lup Puzzle / Lup Lup Puzzle / Zhuan Zhuan Puzzle
Super Tank
Super Trio
Tech Romancer / Tyoukousenki Kikaioh
Tecmo World Cup Millennium
Time Pilot / Time Fighter / Space Pilot
Tranquillizer Gun
Trivia Challenge
Twin Brats
Untitled: UFO game
Urashima Mahjong
Vamp x ½
Virtua Striker
Virtual Mahjong
World PK Soccer
World PK Soccer V2
X Files, The
X The Ball
XESS: The New Revolution
Yosaku To Donbei

Updated Games

4 En Raya
A.B. Cop
Ace Attacker
Action Fighter
After Burner II
Air Raid / Cross Shooter
Alex Kidd - The Lost Stars
Alien Syndrome
Alley Master / Up Your Alley
Alphax Z / Mission 660 / The 26th Z
Altered Beast / Jyuohki
Apache 3
Arcadia Multi Select System: Ninja Mission
Astra Superstars
Astro Fighter / Astro-Battle / Astro Combat / Astro Fire
B.O.T.S.S. - Battle Of The Solar System
Bakuretsu Breaker / Explosive Breaker
Bay Route
Boggy '83' / Boggy '84'
Boulder Dash (Max-a-Flex)
Caloriekun vs. Moguranian
Century Video System: Cosmos
Century Video System: Dark Warrior
Century Video System: Dazzler
Century Video System: Gold Bug
Century Video System: Heart Attack
Century Video System: Hero
Century Video System: Hunchback
Century Video System: Hunchback Olympic
Century Video System: Logger
Century Video System: Radar Zone / Century Video System: Outline
Century Video System: Space Fortress
Century Video System: Superbike
Century Video System: Video 8 Ball
Century Video System: Wall Street
Champion Base Ball Part-2
Clutch Hitter
Competition Golf: Final Round
Computer Space
Cookie & Bibi 2
Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams
Cycle Ma-bou
Cycle Shooting / Bronx
Cycle Warriors
D. D. Crew
D-Day (Jaleco)
Daytona USA 2: Battle On The Edge
DECO Cassette: Flying Ball
DECO Cassette: Highway Chase
DECO Cassette: Manhattan
DECO Cassette: Sengoku Ninja Tai / DECO Cassette: Ninja
Depthcharge / Sub Hunter
Desert Breaker
Diet Go Go
Double Wings
Driver's Edge
Driving Force
Dual: Space Attack / Head On
Dunk Mania
Dunk Shot
Dyna Gears / King of Dynast Gears
Dynamic Country Club
Dynamite Duke / Double Dynamites, The
Dynamite Düx
E-SWAT: Cyber Police
Enigma II
Excite League
F-15 Strike Eagle
F1 Exhaust Note
Fantasy Zone
Field Day / Undokai, The
Field Goal
Fighter's History / History of Martial Arts, The
Fighters' Impact A
Final Star Force
Fisco 400
Flash Point
Funky Jet
Future Flash / Laser Base
G-LOC Air Battle
Gain Ground
Galaxy Force (Sega)
Galaxy Force II
Ganbare Ginkun
Gladiator / Ohgon no Siro
Golden Axe
GP Rider
Great Ragtime Show, The / Boogie Wings
Gyruss / Venus
Hacha Mecha Fighter
Heavy Unit
Heavyweight Champ
Hyper Crash
Indy 500
Itazura Tenshi / Lovely Angel
Jackie Chan: The Kung-Fu Master / Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire
Jolly Jogger
Karaoke Quiz Intro Don Don!
Kid Niki: Radical Ninja / Kaiketsu Yanchamaru / Little Hero
Konami GT / Konami RF2: Red Fighter
Laser Battle / Lazarian
Laser Ghost
Last Survivor
Lethal Enforcers
Liberation / Dual Assault
Line Of Fire / Bakudan Yarou
Mad Alien / Mad Rider / Mad Lander
Magical Cat Adventure / Catt
Many Block
Master of Weapon / Yukiwo
Match It / Shisensho: Joshiryo-Hen / Sichuan II
Match It II / Shisensho II
Mayjinsen 2
Mermaid / Yachtsman
Mission Craft
Mobile Suit Gundam EX Revue
Mr. Do! / Mr. Du! / Mr. Lo! / Yankee DO!
Mustache Boy
Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty / Suikoenbu
Panic Road
Party Time: Gonta The Diver II / Ganbare! Gonta!! 2
Passing Shot
Ping-Pong King
Pit, The
Pocket Gal Deluxe
Power Drift
Power Spikes II / Super Volley '94
Pro Baseball Skill Tryout
Psychic Force EX
Raccoon World
Racing Beat
Racing Hero
Racing Jam
Rail Chase
Riot City
Robo Wres 2001
Round Up 5: Super Delta Force
Ryu Kyu
San Francisco Rush The Rock: Alcatraz Edition
Sandlot Baseball / Kusa Yakyuu
Scud Race / Sega Super GT
SDI: Strategic Defense Initiative
See See Find Out
Simpsons Bowling, The
Snow Board Championship
Sonic Boom
Space Position
Spatter / Sanrin San Chan: Tricycle San
Speed Attack!
Speed Buggy / Buggy Boy
Speed Racer
Star Gladiator 2: Nightmare of Bilstein / Plasma Sword: Nightmare of Bilstein
Street Fighter EX 2 Plus
Strike Fighter
Sukeban Jansi Ryuko
Super Breakout
Super GT 24h
Super League
Super Masters Golf / Jumbo Ozaki Super Masters
Super Monaco GP
Tag Team Wrestling / Big Pro Wrestling!, The
Tangram Q
Tank II
Target Ball
Task Force Harrier
Tatakae! Big Fighter
Tecmo World Cup '94
Tetris (Sega System 16 / Taito B System)
Tetris: The Grand Master
Thunder Blade
Time Limit
Time Scanner
Tough Turf
Turbo Out Run
Twin Squash
Twinkle Star Sprites
UFO Senshi Yohko Chan
Vapor TRX
Victorious Nine
Wally wo Sagase!
Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair
Wrestle War

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