59th (2nd Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot [UK]
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59th (2nd Nottinghamshire)
Regiment of Foot
United Kingdom 
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1755.12.23 61st Regiment of Foot
1756.12.25 59th Regiment of Foot
renumbered upon disbandment of 50th Regiment and 51st Regiment
1782.08.31 59th (2nd Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot
1881.07.01 united with 30th (Cambridgeshire) Regiment of Foot, to form The East Lancashire Regiment
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    [1st Battalion] [1757-1881]
    2nd Battalion [1804-1816]
Depot and Reserves:
  ? Depot Battalion [1856-1871]
  15th Brigade Depot at Burnley [1873-1881]
Cape of Good Hope 1806, Corunna, Java, Vittoria, San Sebastian, Nive, Peninsula, Bhurtpore, Canton, Ahmad Khel, Afghanistan 1878-80
1755.12.30 Lt-Gen. Sir Charles Montagu, KB [also 2nd Foot]
1760.11.27 Lt-Gen. John Owen
1776.01.16 Gen. Sir David Lindsay, Bt.
1797.03.02 Lt-Gen. Andrew Gordon [also 26th Foot, 89th Foot]
1801.03.28 Gen. Alexander Ross [also 89th Foot]
1827.12.01 Gen. Sir Frederick Philipse Robinson, GCB [also 39th Foot; Gov. Tobago 1816-27]
1840.06.15 Lt-Gen. Sir Robert Lawrence Dundas, KCB
1844.12.03 Lt-Gen. Sir John Harvey, KCB, KCH
1852.04.27 Lt-Gen. George Augustus Henderson, KH, KC
1857.09.08 Lt-Gen. Jeremiah Taylor
1862.02.02 Maj-Gen. Plomer Young
1863.03.09 Maj-Gen. John Clarke, KH
1865.03.23 Gen. Henry Eyre
Victoria Crosses [59th Regiment], by Mike Chapman (VC Reference).  
VCs in the Queen's Lancashire Regimental Museum, by Iain Stewart.
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Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery, (Army Museums Ogilby Trust)
Queen's Lancashire Regiment Museum, Preston (Army Museums Ogilby Trust)
Lancashire County and Regimental Museum, Preston (Simonides listing)
Queen's Lancashire Regiment Museum, Preston (Simonides listing)
Towneley Hall Art Gallery, Burnley (Army Museums Ogilby Trust)
Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery, by Henrik Teller (Simonides listing).
Regimental Journal:
Full Histories:
James. F.M. Annals of the "Five and Nine" : being the history of H.M. 59th Regiment (2nd Nottinghamshire), now the Second Battalion East Lancashire Regiment. Poona : S. Shalom & Bros., 1906.
Lewis, A. S. (Adrian Steven). The Lilywhite 59th : the 2nd Nottinghamshire & 2nd Battalion East Lancashire Regiment. Blackburn : Published for the East Lancashire Regiment Museum by Blackburn Recreation Services Dept., 1985.
Manuscripts and Archives:
Orderly Books of the Crown Forces in America 1775-1784, compiled by John K. Robertson, Don Hagist, Todd Braisted, and Don Londahl-Smidt (RevWar'75)