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Important Information about O&O Defrag Linux BETA

NB: All information on this page refers to unfinished products.

This beta software might be incomplete or faulty. O&O expressedly does not accept any liability for the functionality or correctness of this product. In particular, O&O does not guarantee that this product can be installed and run without problems on all computers. Nor does O&O guarantee that a final version of the beta software will be published.
Please only install the beta software on designated test computers. Carry out a complete backup of these systems before installation. Although we have made every effort to make this software as safe as possible, we cannot completely rule out data loss.

If you have discovered an error or problem, or you wish to make a suggestion, please contact: oodtuxbeta@oo-services.com

We will consider all emails and contact you if we have any further questions. Please understand that we cannot answer all emails, nor take up every suggestion we receive.

After downloading the software, you should first open and read the included readme file. This contains special information about the relevant version. 

Features of O&O Defrag Linux V1.0

  • Analysis/defragmentation of EXT2 and EXT3 drive partitions, the standard Linux file systems

  • Analysis/defragmentation of individual files 

  • Analysis/defragmentation of individual partitions

  • Secure defragmentation with the unique "Security Mode". This enables you to repair an inconsistent file system when O&O Defrag Linux has been abnormally ended (e.g. by a power cut).

  • Various defragmentation methods:

    • Normal defragmentation

    • SPACE - defragmentation

  • The static version of O&O Defrag Linux can be started from a floppy disk (1,44 MB). In this way it is possible to optimize the root partition of the system with the help of a a start floppy or CD in combination with O&O Defrag Linux.

Notes for beta testers

The second run of the analysis phase in the beta version begins after defragmentation/SPACE defragmentation is completed. This is simply to check that O&O Defrag Linux is running correctly and to deliver statistics that are compiled after, and independently of, the defragmentation process. This significantly lengthens the total duration of defragmentation and should be taken into account when considering length of time taken. This analysis phase can be stopped at any time and will not be included in the released version. 
We request that beta testers send us a screenshot of the statistics compiled before and after the (SPACE) defragementation. 

Known issues

The disk space needed for the SPACE defrag method increases proportionally with the number of available clusters and can be several gigabytes on a 4 terabyte server. This disk space issue will be resolved for the next beta version. 

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