Blue Mt. Jeep Alliance Trail in the Poccono Mts

The Poccono Mts: For Jeep Lovers !

Story by Jim Guld
Photos by Lynn Ehrenfeld and Randi Medeiros

Blue Mt Jam!

This trip hoped to be something a bit different for our club since we were going to do a trail run with The Blue Mountain Jeep Alliance. This past summer they helped put on a Jeep Jamboree on these same trails that we planned to run this weekend. The outlook was bright, as planned we hoped to have a large turnout from both clubs. They said that turnout should be well over 100 rigs with 4 trails to choose from. Well earlier in the week, regretably the owner of the property passed away. As the trucks showed up there was some confusion whether or not the run would take place under these circumstances. After a bit of negotiating by the host club we were able to have the run afterall. The only problem was that their were only 2 trail leaders - making it an 'either or' choice for everyone attening.
Blue Mt Jam!
Since many of the members of The Blue Mountain Jeep Alliance knew of the potential problem, they didnít show up to allow for more room. Even still, we had a packed trail with 19 trucks from Long Island Off-Road and 19 from Blue Mountain. It was slow going most of the day, due to the nature of the trail. It tended to have a lot of loops that doubled back on themselves and at many times the front of the line and the rear were meeting. Another situation that slowed our progress was that these trails are on land that is used by horseback and donkey riders. Thus we followed the Tread Lightly guideline and shared the trail with these other riders and we would shut down all the trucks so not to spook the animals. A bit time consuming but appropriate behavior.

Blue Mt Jam!

Blue Mt Jam!

The first trail that we ran was called the "Donkey Trail", attributed to sharing the run with the quadrapeds as mentioned earlier. It had the usual tight twisting turns through the trees, with a few spots calling for 3 point turns. The first obstacle is a short creek crossing at which the climb out is off camber slightly to the drivers side. This is where we had our first breakage of the day. Mark in the blue XJ slid on the wet rocks and popped his right rear side window out. When it finally came my turn to try out this obstacle I looked at the off camber spot and felt a little knot appear in my stomach.
Mr.Eds New Look :) Since this was the first trail run for Mr. Ed since the June rollover and since it was also on the first obstacle of the day... as it was in June,I think my slight apprehension was natural. Yes I was feeling a bit on edge about the off camber spot,but once through it I felt o.k. but still have the feeling that I might have too much body lift in Mr.Ed and that the C.G. is a little too high.
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