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Latest News:

October 7th, 2005

October 6th, 2005

New Series! Silver Stars/Purple Hearts:

Panda Productions has teamed up with Sevenar Productions to bring you a brand new REVOLUTIONARY series called Silver Stars/Purple Hearts.

The synopsis is as follows:  When a new, fast process to boost ordinary soldiers to SPARTAN levels unexpectedly kills 13 out of the 14 male test subjects, yet leaves the women enhanced without incident, the head of Project ATHENA must prove the worth of an all-female fighting force before the entire project is terminated--in more ways than one.

silver stars/purple hearts is a new hybrid machinima, fusing Microsoft's Halo with EA's The Sims 2, presented as a joint venture between Sevenar Productions ("Sponsors vs. Freeloaders") and Panda Productions ("Chronicles of Sigh"). ss/ph premieres November, 2005.

Written by Reece Watkins
Directed, Filmed and Edited by Amanda Stanley

This is very exciting for us as it will be the first Sims2/Halo hybrid series! If you've seen the video clip "You're Fired" in my downloads section, you can see what its going to be like.

Also, until we get the domain name bought and a cool website, the home of SSPH will be right here! We have a new link on the left side of the page called "SSPH". Just click on that and you can get tons of info on the project and even visit its forums.

Panda Productions goes to the 2005 Machinima Film Festival!

Well the package HAS BEEN delivered! It came down to the line but my honey and I were able to get an overnight package sent yesterday with all our submissions to the 2005 Machinima Film Festival. Let me tell you we worked out BUTTS off trying to get everything ready for the Mackies. Mainly we wanted to get Sponsors vs Freeloaders edited and pasted together to make one long "mini movie". We took out all references to Red vs Blue and now, SvF can stand alone as its own series with an original plot line. I love my honey!

I ended up submitting two of my videos: "Have You Ever" and "SIMS of Gray" so cross your fingers.

What we REALLY wanted to get through the door was SSPH! SSPH stands for Silver Stars/Purple Hearts. Its a FIRST Halo for PC and Sims 2 combination in ONE MACHINIMA! Yes, there will be scenes that's JUST Halo and JUST Sims, but what REALLY takes the cake on SSPH is the fact that we will superimpose the two. If you've seen the video clip "You're Fired" from my downloads.....that's what some scenes will look like. Reece and I are REALLY excited over this and we are SOOO glad that we were able to get a trailer done for the Mackies. We are hoping and praying now that it will get selected to be shown and judged on November 12.




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