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The Seed Ball Story
Jim Bones

A half hour color DVD-R disk all about seed balls!

This DVD-R video disk will play on most DVD players.

It will not play on DVD+R only players.

DVD+R disks can be provided upon special request.

(The Seed Ball Story Video Tape is no longer available.)

This half hour, color video disk shows how you can make seed balls

by hand, in groups, and with a von Bachmayr rotary drum.

See close up how to mix and make seed balls, how to select seeds, soil compost

and clay, and how to apply them.  Watch seed balls sprouting, see results of
field tests, learn the advice of Masanobu Fukuoka for using seed balls.
Understand how easy it is to make seed balls, a few at a time and in large
quantities.  Let young people show you how they improve their local
habitat and home with seed balls.  Go inside the rotary drum and
witness seed balls forming!
 Become a seed ball maker.  Imagine a greener world the way
you would like it to be and then help to make it so with seed balls.
"Do not think too much - just observe carefully, make seed balls -
   - And Nature will teach you all you need to know."
-- Masanobu Fukuoka --
A Must For,
Schools, Libraries, Arboretums, Green Houses,
Public Parks, Nature Sanctuaries,
Sustainable Agriculture Farms,
Permaculture Sites, Seed Growers,
         Outdoor Education & Restoration Organizations,
Wildflower Centers, Naturalists, Bird Watchers,
All Gardeners & Photographers !
Everyone who loves the world enough to do something
for it right now.
If you really want to help your community,
get this DVD-R Video Disk and give it to the plant people in your town,
especially to young folks who will share it with their friends
and then actually make seed balls to improve the land we all live on.
An Excellent Gift For People Of All Ages
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