Creator: Ken Akamatsu
Translation: David Ury
Adaptation: Adam Arnold
Publisher: TokyoPop
Age Rating: Older Teen
Genres: Romance, Comedy
RRP: $9.99
A.I. Love You v1
Reviewed by Samantha

Hitoshi Kobe is the geekiest geek you would ever come across. Bad grades, not pleasing to look at, and a computer geek.

No girl would go for him.

Or should I say, "regular" girl?

Hitoshi isn't just any computer geek. He's an A.I. (artificial intelligence) programmer, and a good one at that. His latest AI (and by far his favorite) is Program 30, aka Saati. She's the ideal girlfriend - beautiful, intelligent, nice and caring. She's Hitoshi's "girlfriend". Or, well, that's what he wishes at least, but if you wish for something hard enough, that wish will come true.
On a stormy night, lightning strikes Hitoshi's house while Saati is running! Everything starts going crazy, and her program core is temporarily down. And to top off all the chaos, a beautiful girl comes out of the computer screen...
A.I. ga Tomaranai (or A.I. Love You) is a wonderful series. Like most of Ken Akamatsu's work, it has its perverted parts. It's a very deep series, and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind a couple perverted scenes here and there.

A.I. Love You has around a kajillion more characters to be introduced, all of which have a bright personality, a unique style, and are just overall loveable. (Pss... to anyone who finished the series... did you see the little line I put in from the last book? (Don't worry, it's spoil free!)

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