January 7, 2006
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I'm trying to..

  1. Make it easy for those new to Proxomitron
  2. Minimize the various hiccups that come with filtering pages
  3. Include filters that set Proxo apart from the other Ad/Pop-Up Blockers.
  4. Add another layer of privacy & security protection while surfing.

Config features:

  • Made with Proxomitron newbies in mind.
    • Includes a basic ranking system for filters.
    • "Web page" filters are broken down into groups.
    • All lists & HTML "bits" are kept in separate folders.
    • Can be used without overwriting your default config or blocklists.
  • Many original filters.
    • Almost every "web page" filter in the list has been modified in some way.
    • Includes a few original site specific filter set's. (google.. yahoo groups..)
  • Includes three configs:
    • JD_Extra = What I recommend for those trying my config. A nice mix of filters.
    • JD_Basic = Only basic Ad & Pop-up blocking. Plus filters to disable annoying javascript.
    • JD_Advanced = My daily config. Industrial strength filtering. ^_^
  • Includes updated Ad Lists.
  • Includes an updated killed.html.
  • Predefined filters can be bypassed by a keypress & reload.
  • Includes my Proxomitron "error page" replacements. (Matrix style)
  • Includes bookmarklets to toggle Proxomitron kills in IE/Mozilla (Opera users read FAQ/Tips)

JDList :: Requirements

Proxomitron: v4.5
Browsers: Opera7+, Mozilla based browsers (e.g., Mozilla Firefox) or IE5.5+ based browsers (e.g., MyIE2)

Any problems can be reported in the help forum.

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Update Installer

! Only use this if you already have the June 1st release installed.

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