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New Dances
After Party Maurice Rowe
Always Thinking Of You Daniel Whittaker
Anymore Ron Kline
Baby Com' On Bev Carpenter Video Link (oldie from 2003)
Bosa Nova Phil Dennington
Bossa Nova Nights Peter Metelnick/Alison Biggs
Dilemma Dave Morgan
Drinks For Two Ed Lawton
End of the Road Rachael McEnaney
4 Wheels Turning Tina Argyle
Get It While It's Hot John Robinson
Getting Used To You Kathy Hunyadi/Maurice Rowe
Ho Yau Ying MIL
Irish Waltz Simon Ward (oldie from 1997)
Just My Luck Alan Haywood
See The Day Alison Biggs
She Ain't You (revised) Harlan Curtis
Talk About It Joy Huggins GREAT lyrics!
The Reel Thing Maggie Gallagher
Venus Gerard Murphy (hustle rhythm)
Volare Kate Sala/Chris Hodgson

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Lessons? S F Bay area line dance instructors listed by TEACH Cities
Clubs: Boots'n' Buckles - Cactus Corners - Country Hustlers - Quick Steppers
Socials: 2nd FRI - 2nd SAT - 1st SUN - 4th SUN


Westhope Beginner Lesson/Social
Commencing Mondays 9:15 - 11:15 A.M.
January 16 - March 27

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