International Competitions

World Cup and World Championships


World Cup

1954  Great Britain         16-12 France             France
1957  Australia             (best record)            Australia
1960  Great Britain         (best record)            Britain
1968  Australia             20-2  France             Australasia
1970  Australia             12-7  Great Britain      England
1972  Great Britain         10-10 Australia          France
    * Great Britain were awarded the cup because of their
      superior record.

World Championships

1975  Australia             (best record)            Worldwide
1977  Australia             13-12 Great Britain      Australasia

World Cup

1985  Australia             25-12 New Zealand        Worldwide
1989  Australia             10-6  Great Britain      Worldwide
1995  Australia             16-8  England            England
1998  ???

European Championship

Played between England, France and Wales since 1935, when France first became an international competitor.

European Championship

   1935  England *
1935-36  Wales
1936-37  Wales
   1938  Wales
1938-39  France

1945-66  England (points average)
1946-47  England
1947-48  England
1948-49  France
1949-50  England (points average)
1950-51  France (points average)
1951-52  France (points average)
1952-53  Other Nationalities (points average)
1953-54  England
1954-55  (no competition due to World Cup)
1955-56  Other Nationalities

1969-70  England (points average)

   1975  England
1975-76  (no competition due to World Cup)
   1977  France
   1978  England
   1979  England
   1980  England
   1981  France

   1995  Wales
   1996  England

World Sevens

A seven aside tournament for Sydney teams was introduced in 1988 as a curtain raiser to the premiership.

In 1992 it was expanded, with teams from around the world taking part alongside the Sydney teams. The teams were divided into pools, with each team's final position within its pool deciding whether it played off for the cup, trophy, or plate.

In 1995 the format was again changed so that only overseas teams could be placed into the plate competition.

[Sydney based competition]

Nissan World Rugby League Sevens

1992  CUP     Wigan                 18-6  Brisbane
      TROPHY  Eastern Suburbs       14-10 Illawarra
      PLATE   Fiji                  18-14 Gold Coast

Coca-Cola World Rugby League Sevens

1993  CUP     Eastern Suburbs       18-12 Manly Warringah
      TROPHY  Cronulla Sutherland   20-14 Parramatta
      PLATE   Fiji                  28-24 Western Suburbs
1994  CUP     Manly Warringah       44-12 St George
      TROPHY  Canberra              26-22 Papua New Guinea
      PLATE   Great Britain         24-22 Balmain
1995  CUP     Manly Warringah       36-12 Fiji
      TROPHY  Sydney Tigers         20-12 Sydney Bulldogs
      PLATE   Tonga                 20-4  USA
1996  CUP     Newcastle             48-18 North Sydney
      TROPHY  St George             22-14 South Sydney
      PLATE   Gold Coast            14-6  Western Suburbs
1997  CUP     Parramatta            32-22 North Sydney
      TROPHY  Balmain               22-16 Newcastle
      PLATE   St George             18-8  South Queensland

World Nines

This competition was started by Super League as an alternative to the ARL's Sevens competition in 1996. It was the only Super League competition to be played that year.

Super League World Nines

1996  CUP     New Zealand           26-10 Papua New Guinea
      TROPHY  Wales                 12-8  Western Samoa
      PLATE   Fiji                  18-8  France
      BOWL    Cook Islands          22-0  United States

Gatorade Super League World Nines

1997  TROPHY  New Zealand           16-0  Western Samoa
      PLATE   Fiji                  22-6  South Africa
      BOWL    Tonga                 16-8  Papua New Guinea

Pacific Cup

The Pacific Cup was started in 1975 to provide a competition for the Southern Hemisphere's lesser lights. It was the brainchild of the then assistant secretary of the NSWRL, Keith Gittoes. It was held twice, then abandoned because of the immense costs incurred by the participating teams.

The Cup was revived 11 years later, and played for every two years until the outbreak of the Super League war.

Pacific Cup

1975  New Zealand Maoris    38-13 Papua New Guinea   Papua New Guinea
1977  New Zealand Maoris    35-12 Western Australia  New Zealand

1988  New Zealand Maoris    19-16 Western Samoa      Western Samoa
1990  Western Samoa         26-18 New Zealand Maoris Tonga
1992  Western Samoa         18-14 Tonga              New Zealand

Air Pacific Cup

1994  Tonga                 34-11 Fiji Batis         Fiji

Oceania Cup

1997  New Zealand XIII      20-15 New Zealand Maoris New Zealand

World Club Championship

For many years it had been suggested that the top clubs in the British and Australian premierships should play each other. Attempts were made to take the Australian team to Britain in the 50s and 60s but the league vetoed them. In 1976 St Helens, who had just won the British premiership and Challenge Cup, made a quick visit to Australia to play the reigning premiers. They got thrashed, and the concept went into limbo.

It was revived in 1987, with matches being held every couple of years. Britain won most of them, though it was suggested in Australia that it was because the Australian team wasn't taking them seriously--they were always played in England the week after the Australian grand final. That theory took a blow in 1994 when Wigan beat Bribane in the middle of the Australian season.

In 1996 Super League planned a Challenge series between the top four British sides and the top four Australian sides. The Australian court orders put paid to it, but plans were still made to have the top British side (St Helens) play the top Super League aligned Australian side (Cronulla). The match never took place.

In 1997 Super League expanded the concept into a six round competition between the 12 first division British teams and the 10 Australian Super League teams. The result was a fiasco, with British teams only winning 8 of the 68 games played.

1976  Eastern Suburbs       25-2  St Helens          Sydney

1987  Wigan                  8-2  Manly-Warringah    Wigan
1989  Widnes                30-18 Canberra           Manchester
1991  Wigan                 21-4  Penrith            Liverpool
1992  Brisbane              22-8  Wigan              Wigan
1994  Wigan                 20-14 Brisbane           Brisbane

1997  Brisbane              36-12 Hunter             Brisbane