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Ely's Column
Date posted: January 07, 2006

Not to be outdone by resident hyphenate Yan Yuzon, Ely adds another title to his resume-- newspaper columnist. Cursor debuts today in Manila Bulletin's entertainment section and will be seen every Saturday.

on Rykodisc
Date posted: December 14, 2005

It's official.  The Hoodwinked original motion picture soundtrack, which includes Pupil's
"blow your house down,"  will be released by U.S. based Rykodisc, home to such artists as Big Star, Ladytron, Brian Eno, Nine Inch Nails, and Frank Zappa among others.  It marks the first time the band has appeared on a foreign record label.

Date posted: November 30,, 2005
We know what you're thinking, that statement isn't true if you don't live in Mmanila.  And even if you did, you would still have a hard time catching a copy.  the truth is, as of this writing, all major record bars (Tower, Music
One, Radio City) except Odyssey are already selling the album.  Why not odyssey?  Well, according to bmg, the biggest record bar chain in the country is currently  in  negotiations with all the record companies, so that means you will not be finding any copies there at all until further notice. SonyBMG is also assuring us that the far provinces will be getting stocks soon.  the whole pupil team would like to thank everyone who bought the album, also those who diligently crossed oceans of fire just to get to the record store only to be disappointed by the unavailability of the CD, we appreciate all the positive and glowing feedback.  Cheers to all of you!

BEAUTIFUL MACHINES will hit the stores Nov 11; first hundred copies will be sold at 6UG on Nov 9

The album is ready. the stock is sitting in its corner of the sony bmg office. But... the recent holidays have taken their toll on the release sked. cause you see, to deliver an album to record stores takes workers, and workers aren't around when there are no workdays, so:

the album will hit major record stores on friday, november 11 2005.

"11/11, i prefer the sound of that. let's not feel bad, we enjoyed the
holidays! ako nga eh... anyway, we
just gotta wait a couple of days
longer than we thought. right? right."

TOMORROW, WE'LL LET YOU. go to 6 underground (it's a bar) on c.
palanca (it's a street) makati (it's um, now a city) tomorrow night,
that's november 9 (as promised hehe) at 11pm. ely, myself, dok and
boga will have the very first 100 copies of BEAUTIFUL MACHINES with
us, and you may buy them from us for P250. simple! inuman pa tayo
(NOTE: this is Yan Yuzon's note at band's official maling list.)
Countdown to BEAUTIFUL MACHINES begins!
Date posted: November 6, 2005

We've all waited a long time, now it's only a
few more days til Beautiful Machines drops! Sony BMG has confirmed the Nov. 9 release date, and the band and management team has been working overtime to see that the fans will not be disappointed.  Stay tuned on how to get freebies and special show access as soon as the album is released!

"Nasaan Ka?" Premiere on MYX,
Single Out on Radio
Date posted: November 6, 2005

As you may already know, the premiere of the
"Nasaan Ka" video will be on nov. 10 1pm.  Don't miss it!  And don't forget to vote for it!  It's three minutes of raw visual and emotional power that has to be seen to be believed.  Stay tuned in the coming months, within these pages will rise a special exclusive photo gallery and diary of the making of this groundbreaking video.  We also would like to enjoin our
beloved citizens to help get the word out on the single on radio.  
Vote for it on the charts, tell your friends, and yes, even enemies about it.  
It's up to you to open their pupils to the true world of music: no camps, no
poses, no hate, no prejudice, no past, no future, just music!

Target release date announced
Date posted: October 6, 2005

It's been a long haul, but the band is finally in the process of mastering
its debut album entitled Beautiful Machines. Sony BMG is planning a
November 9 release date. Mark it
on your calendars.

PUPIL finds a home
Date posted: September 29, 2005

After months of deliberation and
soul-searching, PUPIL is pleased to announce that they are now with Sony BMG.  
Both the band and their management team, and the record label are very excited
to work together. Several other prospective labels were considered, but no one
was more enthusiastic about the new material and the direction the band is
taking than the newly merged company.  Incidentally, the signing is also a
sort of homecoming for Ely, who left BMG in 2000 in the wake of his falling
out with the Eheads.  But wounds have now healed, and there is no one
more excited to be working with the BMG team once again. Planning for the
release of the album have now jumped to hyperdrive, and we should be seeing a
release date in these pages very soon.

Quark Henares tapped to direct first PUPIL music video
Date posted: September 29, 2005

One of the very first decisions to come out of the meetings with Sony BMG
was to release a music video immediately.  Quark, a good friend of the band,
is one of the premiere film and video directors in the country, and is
responsible for Chicosci's excellent "Shallow Graves" video as well as the
clip for Monsterbot's "Explosive."  Expect the video in the coming weeks.

PUPIL on Digital Tour
Date posted: September 3, 2005

The band will appear on a tech-oriented show
at Studio 23 tomorrow at 10:15 p.m. It's one of Pupil's first TV appearances since its inception.

Digital Tour is your guide to technology, gadgets, websites, and modern living.
This 30-minute tele-magazine show features the latest
on e-news, gives
reviews on the hottest gadgets and gear and offers tips and suggestions on how
to become more tech-savvy.

Ely to Perform at the MTV Awards
Date posted: August 21, 2005

Ely will be performing the closing number at the mtv pilipinas awards night
at the araneta coliseum on August 27 alongside Marc Abaya and Karl Roy.
 It will be a pinoy rock production number. Check your cable channel for airing dates.

Four New Songs Added to Album Lineup

Date posted: August 21, 2005

The band has been rehearsing four new songs to be included in their yet untitled
debut album, making it a total of 14 full length songs.  Yan has already assigned
his song, "lost guide," a moody, noisy ballad, as the album closer.  Boga seems
to be on fire, contributing a song tentatively called, "bwisit."  Ely adds another song
in tagalog, "sabihin", also tentatively titled.  Making the album a true group effort,
Dok is contributing his own tagalog song, "dulo ng dila", with a little support from Yani,
who helps out with the music and lyrics in the song's chorus.  The sudden surge
of tagalog songs is no coincidence.  The band felt that the album needed a more
local flavor, since the first batch of songs included a measly three in our native
tongue. The final tally: 6 tagalog, 8 english.

Bogs Jugo | Photo by Diane
Bogs at MTV Ink
Date posted: August 8, 2005

Drummer Bogs Jugo will be soon featured in a fashion spread for
MTV Ink Magazine, along with players from other prominent bands.
Watch out for it at your favorite newstands.

Yan in "Gemini" Video

Date posted: August 6, 2005

Yan displays his thespian side with the music video for Spongecola's single
"Gemini," a song written exclusively for the Metropolitan Theatre Guild's modernist
take on the classic William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Yan, an
accomplished playwright and director himself, plays the doomed Romeo. The
video, directed by Marie Jamora, was launched at the Rockwell tent, an event
all the PUPIL members attended. The play will open this November.

Dok Sergio at the studio. | Photo By Diane
PUPIL in the Studio
Date posted: August 6, 2005

The band are now in the second phase of recording their as of yet untitled debut album, laying in guitar tracks and additional instruments like keyboards and electronic effects to the twelve track collection. Vocals will soon follow. A small sampling of song titles:

1. Nasa'n (tentative)
2. Gamugamo
3. Beautiful Machines
4. All This Time
5. Mary on my Mind (a Yan creation)
6. Chemical Reaction (with Bogs on vocals!)

The album is projected to enter the mixing stage by mid-August and is slated for
a September release. Manning the boards is sound engineer Pat Tirano, who
has recorded Razorback, Cynthia Alexander, Spongecola, and Mayonnaise.
It's PUPIL's first time to record at Wombworks Studios, located in the heart
of Marikina , which the band admits is quite a trip for the mostly South-based
members, but well worth it. The homey all- digital studio boasts one of the
best-sounding drum rooms in the country. Early mixes sounded awesome,
weight and clarity co-mingling in what promises to be a truly unique listening

HOODWINKED: The True Story of Red Ridinghood
Date posted: August 6, 2005

PUPIL has been commissioned to write a song for CG-animated film Hoodwinked:
the True Story of Red Riding Hood, the first film of its kind to be animated entirely
by Filipino animators. Produced by Sue Bea Montgomery, a Disney Animation veteran, it marks a turning point in how independent animated films are produced. With the animation studio itself located in the heart of Makati , where the directors
and writers of the film are working hand in hand with an all Filipino crew of animators.

The song, “Blow your House Down” was written specifically for the film and recorded at Wombworks where the band are currently recording their first album. Hoodwinked will be released by maverick mogul Harvey Weinstein (formerly of Miramax) on Christmas Day in the U.S. and might open early next year in the Philippines. Hopefully, PUPIL's contribution will make the final print in its worldwide release.

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