In 2002 a U.S. Forest Service study of the New York-New Jersey Highlands reported in no uncertain terms that accelerating development in this northeastern "green belt" would significantly compromise the Highlands water supply, a source of naturally clean water for millions of people in cities and suburbs along the coast. The Highlands Rediscovered explores what makes this region special by focusing on the natural history of the Highlands, as seen through the eyes of professionals who study and work there. Shot in High Definition video with an emphasis on recording the Highlands' physical attributes, this program is a visually captivating exploration of an under-appreciated wilderness surrounded by - and supplying water to - one of the most densely-populated areas in the nation.


Find out about the people and places involved in creating The Highlands Rediscovered Learn more about watersheds, water quality and geology of the Highlands through More on the history of the Highlands dealing with mining, development and the Highlands to cities connection Find out other key issues dealing with the Highlands about migratory birds, biodiversity and recreational spaces Read about what some New Jersey experts believe will be the future of the Highlands Read full transcripts from the seven principal interviews featured in The Highlands Rediscovered
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