Amitabh Bachchan's foray into politics has been one of the interesting chapters in the life of the legend. Though his political career was shortlived but was quite memorable in many ways. After bidding adieu to Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan joined politics and contested Lok Sabha elections from Allahabad, his hometown.

His rival, Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna was a veteran politican from Lok Dal. Not only the superstar knocked out the political titan by winning 68.2% of the vote but also established the fact that Bollywood stars' charisma can well be used to achieve electoral gain.

In politics, not many used to take the Bollywood stars seriously then but this contest set a trend that is even seen now. More and more political parties invite filmstars to join politics and campaign for them during elections.

It is s believed that he entered into politics to assist his friend, late Rajiv Gandhi. But a great actor couldn't etch the role of an astute politician. Very soon it was evident that he was not cut out for politics.

Later, he was dragged into the Bofors scandal, which was followed by other allegations and accusations. The opposition parties did not only attack him but the press also teamed up with the politicians and ripped him apart and almost ruined his public image. These bitter experiences turned Amitabh off his political aspirations forever. Amitabh called this decision a big mistake of his life.

In fact his brief stint with politics was so bad that he took long sabbatical - he quit films and went abroad to nurse his wounds. But this benefited the film press. Big B's bitter experiences on the political arena brought him close to the film journos whom he used to keep at arms length earlier.

Today his friendship with the politician Amar Singh is the most talked about relationship both in the industry and outside the industry. Both are almost inseparable.

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