History and Philosophy of Science
Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

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Central phone number of the university: (36-1) 2090 555 

Name (with link to URL) e-mail Office Phone extension
Andrea Kondor
(department coordinator)
andrea@hps.elte.hu 6.56 6674 
(Direct: 372-2924)
Phone & Fax
György Kampis*
Associate Professor of Philosophy
gk@hps.elte.hu 6.55 6675 
(Direct: 372-2925)
Mrs. Mariann Érdi Szalay
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Péter Hajdú
Professor of Philosophy
Gábor Kutrovátz
kutrovatz@hps.elte.hu 6.60 6667
Miklós Rédei**
Associate Professor of Philosophy
redei@hps.elte.hu 6.58 6678
László Ropolyi
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
ropolyi@hps.elte.hu 6.60 6667
László E. Szabó*
Research Associate Professor of Physics
Hon. Associate Prof. of Philosophy
leszabo@hps.elte.hu 6.58 6671 
(6146 Theor. Phys.)
Péter Szegedi**
Associate Professor of Philosophy
pszegedi@caesar.elte.hu 6.59 6670
András Szigeti
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
aszigeti@ludens.elte.hu 6.59 6669
Miklós Zágoni
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
mzagoni@ludens 6.61 6666
  Group mail to the 
whole department
Guest lecturers
Péter Érdi**
Research Professor of Biophysics
István Németi**
Research Professor of Mathematics
László Székely**
Research Professor of Philosophy

* Previous Széchenyi Professor of Philosophy
** Széchenyi Professor of Philosophy