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Junkie XL - Beauty Never Fades / Breezer

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Label: Roadrunner Records
Catalog#: RR 2021-6
Format: 2x12"
Released:16 Dec 2002
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House
Notes:A&C;: Produced by Junkie XL. Written by T. Holkenberg & S. Sprackling.
B&D;: Produced by Junkie XL & Sasha. Written by T. Holkenberg & A. Coe.
Rating:   4.4/5 (74 votesRate It
Submitted by:anonymous


A   Beauty Never Fades (10:34)
    Vocals - Saffron
B   Breezer (10:28)
    Producer - Sasha
C   Beauty Never Fades (Extension) (8:09)
    Vocals - Saffron
D   Breezer (TiŽsto Remix) (8:54)
    Producer - Sasha
  Remix - DJ TiŽsto

User Comments & Reviews:

onephatplanet - 26-Mar-03 01:35 AM
Not bad, not bad at all. Great job by everybody involved: Junkie XL, Sasha, and Tiesto. All tracks on here are GREAT. 'Beauty Never Fades' has some dark female vocals with some twisted Progressive beats, while 'Breezer' is like the polar opposite - sunny and euphoric. The Tiesto remix is a treat, giving 'Breezer' a driving beat that doesn't interfere too much with the light melody.

Anonymous - 25-Jan-04 02:35 PM
Junkie XL & Sasha have finally made it. A progressive record together !! Breezer show us all extent of the progressive power compound with various instruments which give an insane charm to this masterpiece.
Beauty Never fades is produced by Junkie XL alone and is slightly different but quite as beautiful. Saffron (the singer) has much talent behind her. She confirms this talent with her sensual voice which tell us the beauty never fades. 9/10 for the both !!

Vx1 - 11-Oct-05 07:49 AM
Thought i'd stop by to say how much i enjoyed the song "Beauty Never Fades" by JunkieXL. Much respect to T. Holkenberg & S. Sprackling for the poetic lyrics, and Saffron for bringing them to life with her haunting voice. She truly sounds as if she *is* an angel-in-exile. The song was used as the underscore to the fan-created EvE-Online video "EvE Never Fades", which is where i first heard it. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that all of humanity is "searching for a beauty that never fades", even as the shadows grow longer, even as humanity seems to be approaching its twilight. May this song withstand the rigors of time.

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