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Rex on Gooks and Gookery

(@SolInvictus) I will kick anyone that says nigger. ...
(@SolInvictus) That nigger is going to hurt someone.

<Exitium> people think that wearing black is equal to being african.
<Exitium> i mean negro.
<Exitium> afriacn are people from the freaking continent
<Exitium> if i was born in the US and someone called me asian id get pretty pissed too.
<Exitium> 'ohhh im asian'. fuck no, you're either indian, chinese, japanese, vietnamese, siamese, mongolian or malay.
<Exitium> im sure theres a variety of negroes too. there's thsoe really short guys.
<Exitium> nobody is 'taiwanese' though. no civilization ever came from there.
<Exitium> taiwan = china
<Exitium> okay, my taiwanese friends are gonna get pissed at me for saying that
<Exitium> mainly because they're seperatists.
<Exitium> granted they consider themselves chinese too
<Exitium> so its not like theyre blacks in the Us
<Exitium> who call themselves 'african'
<Exitium> and refer to africa as their 'mother'
<Exitium> fuck your mother.
<Exitium> you dont hear some chinese dude in singapore referring to china as his mother.

<Exitium> Tards are friggin insane.
<Exitium> When I was in grade school we used to be like next to this tard facility and they'd do plenty of stupid things, but mostly they'd just attack people.
<Exitium> They're like rabid, untrainable dogs who occasionally take a shit in class.
<Exitium> It's sad that even dogs are more decently behaved than they are.

<Exitium> well there's two types of gays. the well-dressed, snazzy, spiffy, groovy Queer Eye type.
<Exitium> And then there's the goth gay.

<Exitium> I am tolerant of retards. I don't like them, I don't expect them to contribute anything to me, or to society. But I tolerate them.

<SolInvictus> nigga you is on crack
<SolInvictus> nigga say what

<SolInvictus> You know the only thing worse than a homosexual man is a heterosexual pretending to be a homo.
<Naked_Lunch> or a homo pretending to be hetero
<SolInvictus> No that's actually "blending in", Naked.
<SolInvictus> And not flaunting your homosexuality as if it's something to be proud of.
<SolInvictus> I got no beef with gay pride but what's the deal with those dudes who dress up almost naked and parade around with flowers?
<SolInvictus> It isn't a disease.
<SolInvictus> It's psychological.
<SolInvictus> Or neurological.
<SolInvictus> Depends on the person.
<SolInvictus> Some people's brains are just different. That's provable.
<SolInvictus> Psychologists used to classify homosexuality as a psychological illness but some homosexual lawyers stopped them from saying that.
<SolInvictus> But you can get a homosexual kid from heterosexual parents.
<SolInvictus> So how is it a disease?
<SolInvictus> It's an illness.
<SolInvictus> Like I said, it's a neurological illness. A disease is only something that can be spread.
<SolInvictus> Like when you get a cough and you cough on someone else, they get a cough. <some stuff about the Romans and the Greeks>

<SolInvictus> porcu go get a job you smelly mexican

<Exitium> the indonesians HATE chinese.
<Exitium> they kill us, hell, cause we're better than them

<Exitium> cant spell african without nigger.

<Exitium> they call me a banana, cause im like, yellow on the outside, white on the inside

<Exitium> i want to make a really popular mod
<Exitium> and call it White Power UI for WOW or something.
<Exitium> "if you're not aryan dont fucking use this"
<Exitium> except its the best.
<Exitium> so people use it while feeling intense hatred or something

<porqu> thats it
<porqu> i'm going to support
<porqu> and ratting all you racists out
<porqu> 4 realz
<Exitium> 4 realz?
<Exitium> omg
<porqu> [02,16,05-17:15:20] * Now talking in #support
<Exitium> You're such a Hory.
<Exitium> What are those nigger lovers gonna do?

<Exitium> Hollywood environmentalists are the worst.
<Exitium> They talk about 'going back to nature' and keeping the 3rd world in a shitty state, but they themselves are unwilling to give up their mansions, their cars, their planes.

<Exitium> Shyamalan's one of those dumbasses who thinks that blind people have extrasensory abilities.
<Exitium> Blind people hate that.

<Exitium> you ever see blind characters in tv shows and movies?
<Exitium> they can always tell who is approaching them
<Exitium> by the sound, or wahtever
<Exitium> 'i heard your footsteps' or, 'i sensed your smell'
<Exitium> what a load of crap
<Pooperscooper> they grab stranger in the face to know people
<Pooperscooper> with sticky hands
<Ausir> wtf? you've never seen daredevil?
<Pooperscooper> blind peple havent
<Ausir> they SENSED it
<Pooperscooper> werd

<Exitium> hitler is my fucking idol.

<Exitium> fuck off jew
<Exitium> why didnt the holocaust kill your parents
<Exitium> holocaust isnt important enough to capitalize.
<Exitium> because jews = nothing

<Exitium> roofers
<+Megatron5000> rolf
<Exitium> damn jews cant spell for shit.
<guardian> Roofies
<jiu-jitsu> what does spelling ability have to do with being jewish
<Exitium> idiocy is inherent.
<Exitium> small skulls, and such.

<SolInvictus> word up to my fellow negros
<SolInvictus> the white man gettin us down
<SolInvictus> word
<SolInvictus> fo shizzle nig
<SolInvictus> black man got a great burden to lift o'er his shoulders, word. the white man's profession tryin hard to keep a brotha down.
<SolInvictus> fuckin pigs
<SolInvictus> everyone is my cousin
<SolInvictus> ah aint gettin no repratins for da slavry of my ancesters. bro, dat shit aint rite. word

<SolInvictus>I hate to sound crass but AIDS in Africa is just natural selection working its course.

<SolInvictus> What are you smoking nigger.

<Percolator_Fish> that is one happy skull
<SolInvictus> that is a woman's skull
<SolInvictus> the forehead is small
<Ap2p> haha.
<SolInvictus> a woman's cranium is 40% smaller than a man's
<SolInvictus> so yes
<SolInvictus> it is
<Ap2p> charming as ever, ian
<Percolator_Fish> its a male skull man just read
<SolInvictus> oh
<SolInvictus> it must be a jew then

<SolInvictus> Neck Uv Da Woods feat. Mystikal feat. Slum Village, Jaylib (OS remix)
<SolInvictus> Phat Nigger - Wadup Niggers (Feat Niggerphat) (Dance Dance Nigger Nigger Remix by Blacknigger)
<SolInvictus> niggers featuring niggers.

<SolInvictus> dis nigga wud say more but dis nigga is all outta pen, peaace! bf2 time