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Rex Exitium is the online moniker of Ian Miles Cheong, web designer for fan websites devoted to computer roleplaying games, namely RPG Codex (, Circle of 8 ( (defunct), and No Mutants Allowed (

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While Mr.Cheong is a competent designer, the biggest recognition he has received on Fallout websites and forums he daily frequents was achieved through carefully planned and executed series of scandals, and unscrupulous tactics in dealing with his vocally active critics, most notably a brazen violation of unwritten RPG Codex policy of never tampering with any user's access rights, avatar picture, user description, underpost signature, or message text.

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Mr.Cheong's political views are openly admitted to be National-Socialistic, with racist and Chauvinistic overtones. Claiming to be of Han Chinese origin, he has frequently attacked the culture and character of Indian, Jewish, Arabic, African, African-American people, and expressed admiration for White European culture and sympathy toward individual top members of German Nazi Party, namely Adolph Hitler, Hermann Goring, and Joseph Goebbels. Whether those expressions represent his true position, or are just calculated scandals aimed at gathering public outcry and bring attention to his person has been somewhat debated.

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Ian Cheong was reportedly actively involved in telephone harrassment and Internet denial of service attacks against one of the staff members of Sorcerers ( website, which provides hosting to RPG Codex. While no charges were filed, Sorcerers ( had threatened to shut down Duck and Cover ( website, from which chatroom Mr.Cheong initiated his attacks. Ironically, after intense criticism of Mr.Cheong caused him to abandon Fallout fan community, he threatened to Sorcerers ( staff with legal action to coerce them to discontinue webhosting of Duck and Cover (, unless Duck and Cover ( will agree to cease and desist in "libelous attacks" on his person.

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Mr.Cheong claims to be one of the oldest active members of Fallout fan community, and a member of the infamous Unwashed Villagers group which later disbanded.

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Ian Cheong was a part of a small, but very active core support group for Troika Games, until the company disintegrated in early 2005. Planning and organizing online chats with developers, a banner program, and publicity stunts were his forte, as was the coverage of Fallout Fantasy scandal in 2002, and Interplay Corporation bankrupcy and financial problems, as well as suspected money laundering by its new CEO, Herve Caen.

Recently, Mr.Cheong has adopted a new moniker Sol Invictus, presumably in an attempt to avoid harrassment from his critics.