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Red Between the Lines-Reading and commenting on the new from a left wing perspective
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eugene plawiuk
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Channel: #redbetweenthelines
<> Excellent blog... I'll be coming more often...
<> Thanks for dropping by and my what a mouth watering blog you have....
<> "Unthinkable respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth"....Love it! That's my new favorite quote :)
<> are you folks in Alberta get a fuel rebate cheque?
<> not yet what will happen is that utility companies in Alberta get the rebate and apply it to reducing the bill they send us. Nice eh. no fuss no muss goes directly into the pockets of the guys gouging us. Thanks to Tory deregulation
<> hey there... nice to see a fellow Canadian
<> 1st timer..lots to read here :)
<> hello! ;)
<> very nice blog red
<> k thx...
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Free Trade Follies: Factory owners cut, run in Lesotho Linking: 3  Comments: 0
Date: 1/26/05 at 12:39PM (11M2w ago)  Modified: 9/30/05 at 3:32AM (3M1w ago)  Add Comment | Send to Friend
New Trade Regime Threatens Economy
About 7,000 clothing and textile workers face a bleak year after three factories in Lesotho failed to reopen after the festive season.

Factory owners cut, run in Lesotho
Globe and Mail Friday, January 14, 2005 12:00 AM Page A12
Six foreign factory owners have fled Lesotho this month, leaving thousands of people out of work after the tiny southern African kingdom and other developing countries lost a quota system that helped them get access to richer markets

Yep thats what they call running dog capitalists, ok they used to call them that. Now a days we call them entrepenuers. They left under the cover of New Years celebrations without as much as a thank you job well done. Nope, they just left. Because they could go home now and produce textiles cheaper and with a prison workers who they didn't have to pay $4 a week to, like they did the unionized textile workers in Lesotho.

Who were these ruthless capitalists, who outsourced textile manufcaturing while waiting for the New Year to ring in the end of the WTO tarriff on textiles at the bong of midnight. Why it was the capitalists from the Peoples (sic) Republic of China, and a couple of capitalists from India, who used Lesotho to get around the tarriffs which banned China and India from exporting textiles to Europe and the US in direct competition with the less developed countries in Africa. It was a bit of capitalist solidarity, forced on the WTO by Oxfam and other NGO's demanding crumbs from the table of the global take over by capitalismfor the newly industrializing countries in Africa.

The new China, as the song by the Who says:" here's the new boss same as the old boss", is moving from its state capitalist period of primitive accumulation of capital to a full blown capitalist state ready to play in the Imperialist world of the WTO. And they not only have the capital they have a captive work force to do it with.

Stalinism meets Fordism and after thirty years of market reforms viola China is making its mark on the world, buying up IBM computer production, bidding on Noranda Mines in Canada and bidding on Alberta Oil Companies. And of course outsourcing work to Lesotho to avoid the tarriffs and then closing up shop so it can continue to generate US$ by outsourcing to the rest of the World.

What should the workers in Lesotho do? They should not wait for the government or the IMF or even the UN to offer a solution, there is one right in front of them, seize the factories, and start production and distribution under workers control. The workers in Argentina have done this under similar circumstances of capital flight. The they could demand that all those nice NGO's that support Fair Trade, distribute their goods into North America and Europe. If they seized their factories and put them under the direct control of their own workers councils they might create a revolutionary situation, oh my.

One would hope so. Lesotho wokers "be realistic demand the impossible". Take inspiration from your fellow workers in Argentina and the recent nationalizations under workers control in Venezula, seize control of the means of social reproduction! As it say in the great proletarian hymn L'Internationale: We are naught but we shall be all.

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Posted 10/21/05 at 11:27AM
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"Unthinkable respect for authority
is the greatest enemy of truth"
Albert Einstein

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