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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

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Friday, December 30, 2005

And Here It Ends...

..The silver jubilee year of my life. For me, it was the year of bright learnings and surprise endings. Fighting the inevitable, rushing down the sometimes surprising and sometimes painful events was a real test. Watching unexpected and unimaginable (always thought impossible) things happen to me, in and around was the most enlightening of all experiences. Its a learning that logic is only human and not necessarily natrual.
And the biggest learning of the year: Greg Chappell's middle finger!

Someone needs a real spunk to show the middle finger to a boring and parochial indian mindset. Thats the only reason i admire Greg Chappell. Also I dont think the kolkata cricket lovers(spoilers) deserve anything better. The post is not about Greg though. Its about the year that ended so many things in my life and its about someone who made me realize endings are a way to new beginnings through his words, actions and his way of life.

I dedicate this post to the true friendship that i share with someone in my life. The year started, as always, in search of true love (i have been told there is no such thing, but i never let my doubts die.) but is ending with the understanding of what true friendship is all about. Fortunately, i have never had a scarcity of friends in my life. Hang-around, always-have-a-bash, just-have-fun, at-job, serious-arguments, real-to-life, love-to-be-together, call-once-in-a-while, always-have-a-problem and email-sms-chat friends: I have friends in all categories. There is no concept of "The One" in friendship as in love and hence as people move in and out of your life, you see that their roles in your life change too. The friendship i am talking about is just plain being-there-when-you-need-them kindof friendship. And thats what sums up my year.

In spite of all those lengthy mails and heavy power point presentations which talk about friendship its so hard to keep up with our words. Being there for someone is not an easy job. Easier said than done. Thats the reason why in the last few months i found being-there friendship as the most inspiring in my life. Let me take this oppotunity to thank my friend who's been there when i really needed someone. I do not promise anything in return because i have seen so many people promise the same: Friend, i shall be there for you always..

Before you wonder what Greg Chappell's middle finger got to do with my friend, let me tell you: Thats exactly what he taught me. So many things ended for me in the year and if i had not shown my middle finger to the situations, i would have been ruined totally. To gain my lost pride, self-respect and freedom, in fact, with double charm and power would have taken hell a lot of time without my friend and of course, Mr. Greg.

Its been a great timing. As the year ends, we all look forward for the beginning of a new year forgetting the past. Similarly, all that ended gave rise to a whole set of new beginnings in my life and with renewed self-esteem and power it looks like life was never so good and i was never so clear. Sometimes your middle finger can be the most powerful tool than your brain or your heart. Use it. Use it properly.

I showed my middle finger to indiatimes blogs for its mediocrity. This will be my official blogging site for as long as possible.
And here it ends.. The year, the past, the post.