Place a bumper sticker advertising your product or website on my new H2 HUMMER.
Make history by being part of the first true marriage between INTERNET and OUTDOOR advertising.
Get More Bang For Your Buck. In sheer size and physical presence, nothing beats the Hummer H2.
1 sticker box = 10 x 10 pixels = 2 square inch(actual size is 2.23 square inches ) = $50


What is

As shown on the site, the main image shows all 4 sides of a Hummer H2 (Front, Back, Left & Right sides). Each side is divided into 10x10 pixels which represents 2.23 square inches of surface on my new Hummer H2. There is a total of 458,000 pixels on my site which translates to about 22,775 square inches of bumper sticker advertising space on my hummer H2.

You can purchase these blocks and place your own sticker in them with a link to your site (minimum 1 block) for just $50 a block which is equivalent to only $25 per square inch.

Once a block has been ordered (i.e. before PayPal confirm payment) your blocks will be reserved for 24 hours, which allows for any delays there may be in the payment notification. Once notification has been received (normally within seconds or minutes) your sticker/logo and link will be added permanently to

Once your sticker and link has been permanently added, no one else can place their sticker over yours.

PayPal allows you to pay using all types of credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. You can also pay with an electronic check or use your PayPal account balance.

Remember, this is a 1 time payment. Once you have paid for your sticker, it will be placed on and promoted for a minimum of 1 year on my Hummer H2 and for 5 years on the website! At $50 per ad block, this is the least expensive and most cost effective two-in-one advertising available for online and outdoor. The cost for over 1 year of this mobile outdoor advertising comes out to be only $0.1125 per day.

Who am I?

My name is Arize Nwosu. I live in Los Angeles, right in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood. Since I live and work in and around Hollywood, I need a meanse of transportation (with style). When you live in hollywood, you have to stand out to be noticed. Just in share size and awe, the Hummer H2 takes the cake. However it is an expensive purchase. So I have come up with a way to pay for my new Hummer H2 by selling advertisers a piece (in theory), of advertising real estate on the viewable surfaces of my Hummer H2. The grid on the site represents the viewable surfaces of my Hummer H2. When the grid is completely filled (meaning all the viewable surface area on my Hummer H2 has been sold), I will use the money earned to purchase my new Hummer H2 and have it immediately wrapped with a graphic composite of all the stickers in their appropriate locations on the Hummer's surface.

Why $50?

I believe selling bumper stickers at $25 per square inch will allow me to accomplish my goal of being able to purchase a new Hummer H2. The money left over will be used to maintain the Hummer H2 in excellent condition for 1 year and to maintain the site for 5 years.

Why are you selling by the block?

Anything smaller that 2.23 square inches will be too small to be visible on the Hummer. The sticker will not be seen by anyone. Also the imaage on the site would never seen and the link will never get clicked on. A 2.23 square inche block is realistically the smallest size you could buy and still be noticed.

Why should I buy your stickers?

What's in it for you? When you buy and place a sticker on my new Hummer H2, you are investing in getting exposure from a web site that could get a ton of traffic from links on other sites and the press. We all agree that this is a clever and interesting idea, and also it is the first true marriage on internet and mobile outdoor advertising. So it is sure to get a lot of press coverage from the media.

Your sticker ad on the front page of my site translates to a lot of traffic to your site. More traffic would then come from people that see my new Hummer H2. As eye catching and un-missable as my new Hummer H2 is going to be, people will go out of their way to take a look at this advertising marvel. This would mean increased possibilities and sales for you. You might simply want to buy stickers for your loved ones, your pet, to spread a political message, find the love of your life, etc. Anything is possible with!

When the grid is completely filled up, I will purchase the HUMMER H2 and wrap it with a composite of all the stickers from the site for 1 year.

What kind of traffic will I get?

It is safe to assume that most of the clicks from my site will be random, i.e. from visitors that are clicking on the images to see where they lead. This is not necessarily a bad thing. How often do people stumble across your site by accident? Also there is a very high probability that your sticker will be associated with the memory of the moment the person saw my Hummer H2 and its unique advertising for the first time. People driving by and thinking of where to grab a bite to eat might see a McDonalds logo sticker on my Hummer H2 and decide to stop by the nearest McDonalds to erradicate their hunger. The same thing can be said for someone out of shape and walking by my Hummer H2 who sees a sticker ad for 24 Hour Fitness can then decide to join a 24 Hour Fitness to get in shape. The possibilities are endless.

How long will it be before my sticker is added to the site?

As soon as I receive confirmation from PayPal or my bank that your payment has been made and you sent your Sticker image and link, it will be processed and you would see it appear on within minutes or hours at the most.

I'm unable to pay on the homepage?

If you are unable to pay using the homepage payment system, please send an e-mail with the location you would like your pixel to appear on my Hummer H2 to me at admin (at) stickermyhummer (dot) com. I will then send you by e-mail the total amount of your purchase. Please also attach your sticker (in both sizes for the site and for the Hummer H2) and link. If you have questions please email me.

How long will the site be around for?

The site will be up and running as long as ad block are still available. When the grid is completed, I will buy my new Hummer H2 and the site will be frozen as is for the remainder of the 5 years.

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