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  Tuesday, January 10th
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  Monday, January 9th
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 Tuesday, January 10th
  10:54 am
4 Kaiser Chiefs and Arctic Monkeys call a truce
  09:45 am
4 Tom Green, Bushwick Bill and Spice 1 discuss collaboration
  09:41 am
4 Lucinda Williams announces tour dates
  09:39 am
4 Jack White instructed not to speak or sing for two weeks in order to heal vocal chords
  09:37 am
4 Babyshambles guitarists quits at start of tour
  09:35 am
4 Karl Blau readies new album on K, Cat Power begins tour in February
  09:34 am
4 The Futureheads discuss new album, Prince Paul on the end of Handsome Boy Modeling School, more info on The Ladies, Don Caballero sign with Relapse, Death Vessel tour
  03:11 am
4 Scarface readies new album for February 14 release
  03:16 am
4 Loose Fur ready sophomore album
  03:09 am
4 The Seconds ready new album 'Kratitude' for March release
  03:08 am
4 Tortoise to release three disc box set of rarities and remixes
  03:07 am
4 Rhymesayers P.O.S. to release album, begin 43-date tour
  03:05 am
4 Noel Gallagher retracts 'Aids' comments about Blur
  03:02 am
4 Jenny Lewis unveils details on new album, preps tour
  02:57 am
4 Two Gallants prep Saddle Creek debut 'What The Toll Tells'
 Big Daddy Kane
  Hip Hop Honors Pt 1 (VH1) (Video)

 Big Daddy Kane
  Hip Hop Honors Pt 2 (VH1) (Video)

  Destroy Rock & Roll (E-Card)

  Jelly Dancers (MP3)

 Sean Paul
  Temperature (Video)

 Jeff Tweedy
  Sugar Baby (Live Video)

 Iron and Wine / Calexico
  History of Lovers(Late Late Show)(Video)

 Lil' Wayne
  Shooter feat. Robin Thicke (Jay Leno) (Video)

 Arctic Monkeys
  When the Sun Goes Down (Video)

  Angel (Video)

 Lady Sovereign
  Random (Video)

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4 P.G. Six: The Well of Memory
4 Paint It Black: Paradise
4 Paint It Black: CVA
4 Palaxy Tracks: Twelve Rooms
4 Paloalto: Heroes and Villians
4 Palomar: Palomar III: Revenge of Palomar
4 Panda Bear: Young Prayer
4 Pansy Division: Total Entertainment
4 Panthers: Things Are Strange
4 Paradise Boys: Your Love/Gonna Make You Mine
4 Parlour: Googler
4 Parlour: Hives Fives EP
4 Pattern Is Movement: The (Im)possibility of Longing
4 Paul Van Dyk: Reflections
4 Paul Van Dyk: Global
4 Paul Wall: The People's Champ
4 Pavement: Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (reissue)
4 Peaches: Fatherfucker
4 Pearlene: Murder Blues and Prayer
4 Pedro the Lion: Achilles' Heel
4 Pelican: The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw
4 Pennywise: From the Ashes
4 The Peppermints: Jesus Chryst
4 The Perceptionists: Black Dialogue
4 Pernice Brothers: Yours, Mine and Ours
4 Pete Rock: Soul Survivor II
4 Pete Yorn: Day I Forgot
4 Petey Pablo: Still Writing in My Diary, 2nd Entry
4 Petra Haden: Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out
4 Phantom Planet: Phantom Planet
4 Phoenix: Alphabetical
4 Piebald: We are the only friends we have
4 Pilot Balloon: Ghastly Good Cheer
4 Pinback: Summer in Abaddon
4 Pink Grease: This Is for Real
4 Pitbull: Money Is Still a Major Issue
4 PJ Harvey: Uh Huh Her
4 Placebo: Sleeping With Ghosts
4 Placebo: Once More With Feeling
4 Plan A Project: Plan A Project
4 Planet Asia: The Grand Opening
4 The Plastic Constellations: Mazatlan
4 Plastic Little: F.O.I.L. (I Rock) Seven-Inch
4 Plastikman: Closer
4 The Pleased: Don't Make Things
4 Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower: Love in the Fascist Brothel
4 Pole: Pole
4 Pole Position: XO
4 The Polyphonic Spree: Together We're Heavy
4 The Polyphonic Spree: The Beginning Stages Of...
4 Polysics: Neu
4 Ponies in the Surf: A Demonstration
4 Pony Up!: Pony Up! EP
4 The Ponys: Laced with Romance
4 The Ponys: Celebration Castle
4 Portastatic: Bright Ideas
4 Portastatic: The Summer of the Shark
4 The Postal Service: Give Up
4 Praful: One Day Deep
4 The Prefects: Are Amateur Wankers
4 Prefuse 73: One Word Extinguisher
4 Prefuse 73: Surrounded by Silence
4 Prefuse 73: Extinguished
4 Prefuse 73: Prefuse 73 Reads the Books
4 The Presidents of the United States: Love Everybody
4 Preston School of Industry: Monsoon
4 Pretty Girls Make Graves: The New Romance
4 Prince Paul: Politics of the Business
4 Prince Po: Hold Dat (Richard X Mixes) 12"
4 Pro Forma: Self-Titled EP
4 Probot: Probot
4 Prodigal Sunn: The Return of the Prodigal Sunn
4 The Prodigy: Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned
4 Project Blowed: Presents the Good Brothers
4 Prosaics: Aghast Agape
4 Psapp: Tiger, My Friend
4 Pseudo Heroes: Prison of Small Perception
4 Pulley: Matters
4 Pumpkinhead: Orange Moon Over Brooklyn
4 Puppyhertz: Animal Squad
4 Purple City: Road to the Riches: The Best of the Purple City Mixtapes


4 Pedal Steel Transmission: Chicago's Pedal Steel Transmission finds its focus
4 Pinback: Rob Crow doesn't want to fit in
4 Pinback: Rob Crow doesn't want to fit in
4 Planet Asia: � �Cause everybody got to be underground at one point.�
4 Planet Asia: � �Cause everybody got to be underground at one point.�
4 Platinum Pied Pipers: Part 1: Because somebody has to keep this shit alive
4 Platinum Pied Pipers: Part 2: Because somebody has to keep this shit alive
4 The Pleased: San Francisco's the Pleased reluctant to be typecast
4 Prefix Sneaker Vote now.: Scratch our back and we'll sratch yours.
4 Prefixmag Staff Picks:
4 Prefixmag Staff Picks: Part 1
4 Prefixmag Staff Picks: Part 2
4 Prefixmag Staff Picks: Part 3
4 Prefuse 73: Because seventy-three questions sounded like too much work
4 Pretty Girls Make Graves: 'We're sort of in the best place we can be'
4 Pretty Girls Make Graves: 'We're sort of in the best place we can be'
4 Prince Paul: Prince Paul is still making a name for himself: Part 2


4 Punch-Drunk Love
4 Pixies DVD
4 Pixies Sell Out DVD


4 Phantom Planet with Superdrag: Phantom Planet with Superdrag
4 Phoenix: Phoenix
4 Piebald, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Koufax: Pop-rock and Good Times
4 Prefuse 73 and Rjd2: Prefuse 73 and Rjd2
4 Prince Paul: Prince Paul


4  P$C: I'm A King (Remix) feat. T.I. and Lil' Scrappy (Video)
4  Paris to Purple City: The French Connection (Audio)
4  Paris to Purple City: Rap Is All Around the World (Audio)
4  Paris to Purple City: Rap Is All Around the World (Video)
4  Paul Wall: Sittin Sidewayz (Video)
4  Paul Wall: People's Champ E-card
4  Paul Wall: They Don't Know ft. Mike Jones & Bun B (Video)
4  Pest: EPK (Video)
4  Pharrell: Media Player
4  Pharrell: Angel (Video)
4  Pharrell Williams: Can I Have It Like That feat. Gwen Stefani (Video)
4  Pinback: AFK (Video)
4  Planet Asia: Breathe Me (Video)
4  Portastatic The Summer of the Shark: I Wanna Know Girls (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Prince: Te Amo Corazon (Audio Clip)
4  Prince Paul: A Current Affair feat Maggie Horn (MP3)
4  Princess: Osama (Video)
4  Princess Superstar: Perfect (Video)
4  Purple Ribbon All-Stars: Kryptonite (Video)
4  Purple Ribbon All-Stars: Got Purp, Vol. 2 (Album Stream)
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