Ramit Sethi

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My most creative invention ever: laziness driving innovation.

Last year, someone bought me one of those 18-packs of Cup O'Noodles, the college student's best friend. I was confronted with an enormous quandary: if I stored them in my closet, then everytime I wanted to eat, I would have to get up from my chair, go over to my closet (in another room!), reach my arm up, bring it down, and extract a cup of noodles. This was ridiculous, so I put my mind to the task of creating a way to easily reach my new food.

My invention, if I do say so myself, was brilliant.

My Invention


  • Reachable from my chair without even having to get up
  • Transparent wrapping clearly indicates remaining Cups of Noodles
  • Self-dispensing: pull one Cup out and the mechanism automatically dispenses the next available delicious meal (implementation: gravity)
  • Secured with high-quality duct tape and two nails
  • Looks pretty