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Welcome to the only site dedicated to Charlton Comics' 70's super- hero,
    E-man and his trusty side-kick/love interest, Nova Kane, were two of the most original characters to come out of the decade many would like to forget.
    Two energy beings with astounding powers, and a koala bear to boot.  Browse this site and learn of the humor, novelty, and fun of E-man.
Who are E-Man and Nova?  UPDATED!
Friends and associates of the quantum duo! 
Evil doers!
The E-Man comics supporting cast!
Cover Gallery.
E-Man in action!
Radioactive links! UPDATED!

Updated on: December 17,

Our Heroes!
The Bad Guys!
Supporting Cast
Cover Gallery
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Don't you wish comics were still this price?
This site would be...
* E-Man and Rog 2000 belong to their respective owners.  I claim no proprietory rights on these characters.  This is an un-official fan page..
  E-Man was created by Nicola Cuti and Joe Staton.
  Rog 2000 was created by John Byrne

Planet Doom
Misc. Gallery
Misc. Gallery UPDATED!
Story Reviews
Story Reviews. 
E-Man Checklist
E-Man Checklist
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Slacker's Sci-Fi Source
Joe Staton and Nick Cuti, the co-creators of E-Man!
Thanks Joe!
Joe and I  met at the 2004 Heroes Convention in Charlotte.  It was an honor meeting one of my childhood heroes!  Click here to see photos from the 2004 and 2005 convention.