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E-Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages Launched
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Ljubljana, 3 May

An e-registry of births, deaths and marriages was brought online on Monday, which Public Administration Minister Gregor Virant said would make public administration more efficient.

According to him, all records will be managed electronically, which will make the work of administrative units easier and save citizens quite some time.
The register will combine the three so far separate registries that were kept on paper. It will include all information associated with births, deaths and marriages, as well as name changes, adoptions, recognitions of fatherhood and divorces.
At the same time, an electronic register of households was set up. This means that all registers associated with administrative bodied have now been computerised.
Virant noted that the e-register will also make public administration more user-friendly, as "there will be no need to send people from counter to counter".
The register will also drastically reduce the issuance of certificates at administrative units, according to Virant, which will actually create savings in the long term.
The project was launched in 2004 and cost SIT 216m (EUR 0.9m), which includes the upgrade of the population register as well as the registers of foreigners and citizenships.

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