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1/5/05: Dear Loyal Rhino Patrons,

The past few years have been trying times for independent record retailers nationwide. Unfortunately, our beloved Rhino Record Store is no exception. Over the course of past 35 years Rhino has prided itself on serving the Los Angeles west side community with the best selection of music worldwide. We’ve always considered our patrons not as mere customers but friends and members of our family. Thus it is with utmost pain and sadness that we announce the closure of our location on Westwood Boulevard.

Music is one of the universal truths that bind people from all walks of life. It’s given us great satisfaction to share our love of music with you all throughout the years. Whether it was special ordering that rare Japanese pressing of Can’s Tago Mago or turning on that ten year old to the magic of Jimi Hendrix, we have always tried to be there with you to revel in the joys of music.

Although the future of our store remains uncertain we are still committed. Therefore ON JANUARY 21st & 22nd, FROM 10 am-4 pm, EVERYONE IS CORDIALLY INVITED TO OUR LAST PARKING LOT SALE!!! ON WESTWOOD BLVD. As usual there will be tons of sweet deals on a myriad of CD’s, LP’s, DVD’s, and VHS’s. All Rhino credit slips and gift certificates can only be redeemed at the sale. So come on down for a few laughs with your neighborhood record store junkies…we might even help you find that untarnished gem you’ve been looking for.

Also, please take the time to fill in your e-mail address below so we can keep you up to date on future endeavors. Times are hard but like Billy Ocean always said, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Given time we hope to prove how tough Rhino Records really is. Until then, keep the faith, keep listening, and keep the dream alive.


The Rhino Records Store Management & Staff

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