Heroes V



» 19.08.2005

Skeleton (Upgrade: Skeleton Archer)
Skeletons are the basic infantry of the Necropolis faction. Those troops are weak but they are numerous. Moreover their master can grow their ranks with the corpses of their deceased enemies…

Zombie (Upgrade: Plague Zombie)
Zombies are excellent defensive creatures. They are very hard to kill and even a small pack of them can sustain the charge of far superior troops. They are relatively slow though and make for poor attackers. However their large number can compensate that. On top of that Plague Zombies have the ability to drain the stamina of their enemies in combat, thus progressively reducing their fighting ability.

Ghost (Upgrade: Spectre)
Ghosts are fast, incorporeal creatures. They can inflict severe damages to their opponents, and on top of that they are more resistant to non-magical attacks. Spectres also have the ability to drain mana out of their enemy.

Vampire (Upgrade: Vampire Lord)
Vampires are fast and skilled warriors. Eternally young but gifted with hundreds of years of combat experience, they are thirsty for their enemies’ vital energy. Their attacks are so powerful that their opponents will not even be able to strike back. Vampires will suck life out of them to restore their own.

Lich (Upgrade: Arch Lich)
Liches are undead wizards who used their knowledge and power to evade their mortal condition, but at a terrible cost. They have the ability to fire Death Clouds that will drain the life out of any living creature. This ability doesn't affect Undead creatures, so you can use them to shoot at mixed groups of troops (your own and enemy creatures) without the danger of harming your own. Arch Liches are superior liches who preserved their magical abilities to cast spells. They will use their power to weaken enemy troops.

Wight (Upgrade: Wraith)
Wights are doomed souls thirsty for revenge on all living creatures. Their weapons are fear and life drain. Their attacks will grasp the enemy’s heart in cold fear, thus reducing their combat skill and strength. Wraiths have the ability to take the life of one enemy creature, no matter how strong it is, while the rest of the stack will loose all its magical abilities and protections.

Bone Dragon (Upgrade: Spectral Dragon)
Bone dragons are the strongest Necropolis creatures. Although weaker than “regular” living dragons, they are also cheaper to recruit due to their undead condition. They will fly into enemy ranks, causing many casualties to the creatures standing in their way. The Spectral Dragons live half in the immaterial world, in incorporeal state. All non-magical attacks against them are consequently more likely to miss.

» 17.08.2005
New Screenshots

Check out the new Heroes of Might and Magic V screenshots in the gallery! This new batch showcases for the first time the Necromancers' town and highlights some of the faction's creatures. Stay tuned for more news and information on Heroes of Might and Magic V.

» 17.08.2005
NECROPOLIS: The Necromancers

"Life is change, chaos, filth and suffering. Death is peace, order, everlasting beauty."

ID Card:

Associated colors: black and toxic green
Worship: Necromancers worship the Primordial Dragon of Order in a twisted version of her destructive aspect
Core philosophy: “Embrace the Void”. Morbid fascination for death and fanatic devotion to the cause
Country/kingdom: None (they are a secret society hidden within Academy and Haven)
Capital city: None (same reason)
Key symbols: the mother spider


Necromancers are a split-order of the Wizards. They study death-magic to become eternal. They can control the spirits of the deceased (ghosts) or raise the dead form their graves (skeletons, zombies).
Necromancers believe that pleasures are sensual (linked to our five senses) and that each pleasure leads to pain (being sick from eating too much, grieving the death of one’s beloved, etc.). The solution is to embrace death, which is perfection through sensory deprivation. Necromancers believe in an eternal, unchanging, neutral life rather than maintaining moderation in all things until the next life.
High-ranking Necromancers become Vampires: eternally young, beautiful and powerful, but as cold and insensitive as alabaster statues.

On the battlefield, Necropolis troops are generally weaker than their opponents. However their cost is lower as they are less dependent on “material” resources to grow. So they tend to benefit from a clear numeric advantage.
But Necropolis troops also compensate their relative weakness with other abilities. All Necropolis creatures are Undead. Undead creatures are not affected by morale: the dead don't care, you can't motivate them with the prospect of victory and they are not afraid to die. Mind Effects and poisons also don't work on them: they don't have minds or bodies.
On top of that some units will drain life from their enemies or remain untouched by non-magical attacks.


The origins

62 YSD: The Schism of the Seven
Schism between the disciples of Sar-Elam, who can’t agree on the best way to follow the road laid down by the Seventh Dragon and, hopefully someday surpass him. Sar-Antor founds the Blind Brothers, a congregation of healers, seers and embalmers dedicated to the worship of Asha. Sar-Badon founds the Dragon Knights, a martial order disciplined in both body and mind.
The other disciples, led by Sar-Shazzar, the most gifted of them all, lead an exodus of wizards and like-minded humans to found the Seven Cities (the first kingdom of Magic) in the southern deserts.

74 YSD: Mysterious death of Sar-Shazzar
Sar-Shazzar dies in his sleep. When attendants attempt to move his body to the Necropolis for preparation and burial, it crumbles to ashes.

461 YSD: Discovery of Necromancy
Belketh, a disciple of Sar-Shazzar, discovers the path of Necromancy. Necromantic experimentations begin in the Seven Cities.

610-660 YSD: Rise of the Necromancers
The Necromancer presence grows until they are a powerful political force in the Seven Cities

The modern ages

751-770 YSD: Purge of the Necromancers - Civil war in the Seven Cities
Jealous of the power acquired by the Necromancers, the Wizards of the Seven Cities initiate a large-scale persecution, ranging from the seizing of their properties, to banishment, to the spectacle of public executions.
A long and gruesome civil war ensues. The ancient cities are destroyed and much of the land is rendered uninhabitable.

771 YSD: Foundation of the Silver League
Survivors of the Seven Cities establish the Silver League (the second kingdom of Magic) in the lands to the south. Necromancers flee east to the haunted valley of Heresh.

813-822 YSD: War of the Broken Staff
The Necromancers attempt to crush the newborn Silver League but the Wizards gain the upper hand and invade Heresh. The Necromancers are utterly defeated and their kingdom shattered.

» 16.08.2005
INFERNO: Creatures

Imp (Upgrade: Familiar)
Imps and familiars mean swarms of little winged creatures that will overwhelm enemy forces. Fortunately these creatures are weak and an experienced warrior can bring on numerous damages in their ranks. The imps and familiar are a real annoyance for any Hero gifted in magic, as they have the unique ability to destroy or even steal mana from the enemy.

Horned Demon (Upgrade: Horned Overseer)
The demons and grunts are the basic infantry of the inferno troops. They are resistant and can sustain an enemy charge thanks to their high number on the battlefield. The horned demons have the unique capability to sacrifice themselves in a huge explosion of primal chaos energy.

Hell Hound (Upgrade: Cerberus)
Hell hounds and cerberi are the spearhead of the inferno forces. Their incredible attack skill gives them a huge devastation power within enemy ranks. However these creatures are not very resistant and therefore should not stay in a long melee combat. They are at their best when used for skirmish combat or to finish weakened enemies. On top of that the cerberi can strike several units at once thanks to their 3 heads.

Succubus (Upgrade: Succubus Favorite)
Succubi are the only shooters within Inferno ranks, they should therefore be used as support troops for the attacking units. This is all the more true as they have the ability to counter-strike on enemy ranged attacks. The enemy will always hesitate before engaging a combat against them. Use this at your own advantage.

Hell Stallion (Upgrade: Nightmare)
The nightmares the most reactive and fastest Inferno creatures. They will cross the battle field to fiercely charge into enemy ranks. These creatures have such a reputation for unforgiveness that they will make the enemy flee in panic, and even creatures that are stronger than them. When engaged in a melee against them the enemy won’t fight back.

Pit Fiend (Upgrade: Pit Lord)
Pit fiends and Pit Lords are the most skilled warriors amongst Inferno troops. They also have the ability to cast devastating spells to weaken the enemy or even spread death on a whole area of the battlefield. Gifted in both defense and attack, these creatures are the backbone of any successful strategy.

Devil (Upgrade: Arch Devil)
The devils are the ultimate representatives of chaos on Ashan. Their power and agility are unequaled amongst Inferno troops. These monsters have access to the infernal reality plan at will and can therefore teleport on the battlefield. The archdevils have the supreme ability to call for Pit Lord reinforcements straight from inferno.

» 15.08.2005
INFERNO: The Lords of Chaos


"Do what thou willst"

ID Card:

Associated colors: black and red
Worship: their progenitor - Urgash, the Primordial Dragon of Chaos
Core philosophy:"Might makes Right" ; conquer, plunder and rape the weak, laugh when you're wounded or tortured, indulge yourself in selfish pleasures, spread anarchy and chaos, corrupt the righteous.
Country / kingdom:Sheogh, the Prison of Fire
Capital city: Ur-Hekal, the “Gate of the Burning Heart”
Key symbols: Unicursal hexagram, Ouroboros (the snake that eats its own tail)


The ravening monsters that would burn the world to a cinder just to watch it burn.
Demons are an alien pantheon of hostile monsters that are bent on conquering Ashan.
Fortunately, they are imprisoned in Hell (a “dimensional jail” created in the lava core of the planet) and can’t exist for long in the material (surface) world, except when they are summoned by a sorcerer or when they can possess a mortal body.
On the battlefield, Inferno troops are famous for their insane brutality in both the might and magic fields. Inferno troops will rush into the melee, while creatures with magic abilities will disrupt the normal order of things to call for demonic reinforcements or to summon the fury of the fire element on their enemy.
The inferno heroes will of course support their troops, sometimes taking part into combats but most of the time they will use their tremendous resources in mana to cast countless and devastating spells.


The origins

28-40 YSD: Wars of Fire - First great demon incursion.
The great wizard Sar-Elam, know as the “Seventh Dragon”, sacrifices himself to end the Wars and repel the demon incursion. Sar-Elam and his disciples seal the demons away to prevent their return.

62 YSD: The Schism of the Seven
Schism between the disciples of Sar-Elam, who can’t agree on the best way to follow the road laid down by the Seventh Dragon. Sar-Antor founds the Blind Brothers, a congregation of healers, seers and embalmers dedicated to the worship of Asha. Sar-Badon founds the Dragon Knights, a martial order disciplined in both body and mind.

67 YSD: The Prophecy of the Demon Messiah
Sar-Shazzar gives the Prophecy of the Demon Messiah, which predicts, among other things, that a half-demon hero will someday shatter the Demon Prison and unleash bloody chaos on the world.

104 YSD: The Dragon knights become a secret order
On his deathbed, Sar-Badon commands the Dragon knights to retreat from the world and dedicate themselves to preserve the teachings of the Seventh Dragon, watching against any Demon activity.
No longer are the Dragon Knights to be prominent or visible in the world.

330 YSD: 1st Eclipse - War of the Blood Moon – Creation of the Orcs
A total lunar eclipse provokes a massive rupture of the Demon Prison. The Demon Lords force their way out and raven across lands. Armies are rallied to meet them, but, caught by surprise, they are rapidly overwhelmed.
The Demons are finally defeated but at most terrible cost. The Demon Lords are cast down, and the surviving demons banished back to their hellish prison. The Dragon Knights emerge from hiding to repair the prison as best they can, then vanish once again.

564 YSD: 2nd Eclipse - Rise of the Demon Sovereign
Total lunar eclipse. This time the Blind Brothers had predicted it, and the Alliance, helped by the Dragon Knights, is quick to react. Only a small band of demons manage to escape into the world. The names of the Demon Lords, Urgash’s first children, are heard no more. Instead, the name of Mal-Beleth, new and only Demon Sovereign, appears.

717 YSD: 3rd Eclipse – Dragon Hunt
During a brief lunar eclipse, a band of Demons escapes into the world. They seek out the hidden strongholds of the Dragon Knights and begin a bloody secret war. The outcome of this conflict is unknown to date.

The modern ages

843 YSD: 4th Eclipse - Falcon’s Last Flight
Total eclipse. This time, the Demons storm the capital of the Falcon Empire and massacre the royal house. As soon as the Demons are repelled, fighting breaks out as the various noble houses attempt to claim the throne. Duke Ivan of Griffin conquers the bloody crown. The Empire is renamed “Holy Griffin Empire”.

969 YSD: 6th Eclipse - Queen Isabel's War
An eclipse not forecast on any calendar grips the Blind Brothers in a panic. The Demons emerge in force and march towards Haven’s capital.
This war will be known as Queen Isabel's War and is the topic of Heroes V’s campaign.

» 12.08.2005
HAVEN: Creatures

Peasant (Upgrade: Militia Guard)
The peasants and the militia guards are the basic infantry of the Holy Griffin Empire. Those troops are weak and not efficiently trained, but they are numerous. On top of that the peasants are an important source of revenue for their masters and the militia guards are expert in the art of confusing their enemy in the melee.

Archer (Upgrade: Marksman)
The archers and marksmen are key in battle to weaken the enemy ranks before melee combat. The archers of the Griffin Empire excel in the art of drowning the enemy under barrages of arrows. The marksmen's powerful crossbows are especially deadly at close range.

Squire (Upgrade: Knight)
The knights and squires are the backbone of the Haven forces. They are resistant and can sustain enemy charges while other troops will maneuver to take the enemy from the rear. They can make the fight last longer with their mastery in the art of melee combat and defense.

Griffin (Upgrade: Royal griffin)
Griffins are the fastest troops of the Haven faction. They excel in skirmish attacks, flying into enemy ranks or diving from the sky above the battle. However they are quite weak when forced in a real melee, but they will always defend themselves to their last breath.

Priest(Upgrade: Inquisitor)
The priests and Inquisitors are the keepers of the true faith in the Holy Dragon of Light. As such they won't hesitate to enter the battlefield against the non-believers and all factions that may threaten the Order of Elrath. As priests they will not enter the melee but rather summon the wrath of their God on enemy troops, and protect their owns in combat with support spells.

Cavalier (Upgrade: Paladin)
The cavaliers and paladins are the ultimate guardians and elite troops of the Holy Griffin Empire. Mounted on powerful horses and heavily armored, they are at their best when they charge on enemy troops from afar. On top of that the Paladins have the ability to dispel enemy curses in their ranks.

Angel (Upgrade: Archangel)
The angels are the incarnation of Elrath on Ashan, and as such they are the most ultimate representation of his power. These creatures of light are fierce in combat and their attacks are always deadly. An angel cannot be killed if its substance is endangered it will become a pure spirit again and rejoin its master. As lieutenants of Elrath, the archangels are blessed with the supreme power of resurrecting the champions who died in combat, giving them another chance to serve their Lord.

» 11.08.2005
HAVEN: The Knights of the Light


"For Honor, Order and Duty"

ID Card:

Associated colors: light blue, white and gold "
Worship: Elrath, the Dragon of Light, and its first servants - the Angels "
Core philosophy: "Law & Order" rather than "Good & Mercy" "
Country / kingdom: The Holy Griffin Empire "
Capital city: Talonguard "
Key symbols: The "holy sun", the griffin "


A feudal Holy Empire, Haven is the strongest realm of Ashan. It is a kingdom of medieval knights and monks, with prevalent access to "Light / Life" Magic and "Angelic" elite troops. The Empire chose the Griffin as its symbol. Tamed griffins are used by the nobility as "flying hounds", and sometimes as mounts. On the battlefield, Haven troops are known to be extremely resistant, relying more on the mighty power of brutal force than on the delicate art of magic. The heroes of the Haven faction will develop skills and abilities to support the hurricane of steel and fury that will rush into the enemy's rank.


The origins

3 YSD: Birth of the Falcon Empire
Falcon the Great unifies the human kingdoms (founding the empire that will one day become the Haven faction). A prophecy tells that the Falcon line shall endure as long as the world does.

28-40 YSD: Wars of Fire First great demon incursion
Most of the Angels perish during these wars. The survivors take refuge in the Falcon Empire, which is increasingly turned away from the Dragon of Air - Sylath, and toward the Dragon of Light.

48 YSD: the Falcon Empire becomes the "Holy" Falcon Empire
Founding of the Free Cities of the East Emperor Brian Falcon gives absolute power to the Church of the Dragon of Light. The Human kingdom is renamed "Holy Falcon Empire". Dissent grows among many citizens who resent being forced to abandon their faith in Sylath. Many will leave the Empire's territory to found the Free Cities of the East.

The modern ages

843 YSD: 4th Eclipse - Falcon's Last Flight
The Demons storm the capital of the Falcon Empire and massacre the royal house. As soon as the Demons are repelled, fighting breaks out as the various noble houses attempt to claim the throne. Duke Ivan of Griffin conquers the bloody crown. The Empire is renamed "Holy Griffin Empire".

951 YSD: 5th Eclipse - War of the Gray Alliance
Demon armies are confronted by a combined force of Haven Knights allied with two other factions. Emperor Alexei Griffin pursues the Demons into the very underworld, and is killed. His soul is rescued by a mysterious and legendary knight known as Tieru, and bound up in an artifact called the Heart of the Griffin. Alexei's son Nicolai, aged 6, ascends the Imperial throne.

969 YSD: 6th Eclipse - Queen Isabel's War
An eclipse not forecast on any calendar grips the Empire in a panic. The Demons emerge in force and march towards Haven's capital. This war will be known as Queen Isabel's War and is the topic of Heroes V's campaign.

» 09.08.2005

1. First of all, could you introduce yourself and explain us what is your job on HOMM 5?


My name is Erwan Le Breton, Might & Magic Content Director at Ubisoft.

My quest is to build the new world of Might & Magic that will be the setting of all the current and future M&M games produced and / or published by Ubisoft.

And my favourite colour is red (for those with an unhealthy obsession for the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.)

Outside of Ubisoft, I’m a published writer, author of a dozen pen & paper RPGs, children’s novels, and comic books for various French publishers.


I’m Richard Dansky, Might & Magic World Designer at Ubisoft.

I’v0e worked on numerous games for Ubi, including Far Cry, Ghost Recon: Island Thunder, and Cold Fear, and before that I contributed to roughly 130 roleplaying books for White Wolf. I’ve published four novels, including the fantasy series The Trilogy of the Second Age, and various other bits of fiction.

Outside of work, I enjoy building large wooden badgers, and running about with silly knees-bent advancing behaviours.

2. Why did Ubisoft decide to revamp the M&M universe?

There are several reasons for this.

1/ The world used as a background for the Might & Magic games has often changed from one title to the next (Varn, Cron, Terra, Xeen and then Axeoth with Enroth, Erathia, Jadame, Cheh'dian, etc.) As a result the consistency between all the M&M games was a little weak and the overall background was vague, if not flat-out confusing at times. We want to have a single, deep world that’s consistent across the board and has layers of story and content that players can just dive into.

2/ There was just so much information in the world that it was difficult for new players to really embrace everything that was there. The mass of backstory and continuity was almost intimidating, and we wanted to create a world that new players could enjoy as well.

3/ As much as we enjoyed the original M&M worlds, they had a certain science fiction undertone, while we really wanted to focus on the fantasy aspects – the “might” and “magic”, as it were. Those games were also “lighter” in tone than what we had in mind for the new generation of M&M games.

Again, we really loved what was done in the past, so it simply made sense to respect that and build our world from the ground up, focusing on capturing the core essence of what drew as all back to Axeoth over and over, rather than try to modify things that people really loved and enjoyed.

3. Precisely, what did you keep from the old M&M universe?

The more obvious aspect is that we are still in “high fantasy” world, ripe with valiant Human knights in shining armor, mysterious Elves lurking in the woods, savage Orc tribes raiding the frontiers, Undead armies gathering in the dark of the night, and all that good stuff. But of course, in our new implementation, expect to find more than one twist on the canonical representation of these elements.

Then, we decided to keep the Factions that made the Heroes line so popular. By “faction”, we mean the city / nation / race coalitions known to Heroes fans as Haven, Inferno, Academy, Dungeon, Stronghold, etc. Many of them will be back, some with a familiar aspect and “philosophy”, others with a bunch of surprises up their sleeves! Soon, we’ll be revealing loads of exciting stuff on the factions, but for now, here’s a quick rundown on the first two: Haven and Inferno. Haven: The Humans of the Holy Griffin Empire are inspired and guided by angels. It’s a feudal society driven by the rigorous edicts of the Dragon of Light – not any place you’d want to be a heretic. Picture an ironclad alliance of Arthurian Britain and Victorian England and you get a general idea. Oh, and did we mention the Spanish Inquisition? Guess not…

Inferno: Imprisoned between worlds by the legendary wizard known as the Seventh Dragon, the Legions of Chaos want out in the worst way – and we mean that literally. Destructive, hateful, vicious, sadistic – that’s just a warm-up for these guys. Even worse, they’ve got a plan, and that’s where things get really interesting.

We preserved the epic quality of the former M&M titles, which drives the player to experience fantasy on a grand scale and participate in world-shattering events. The actions the player takes impact the whole world.

We were also determined to maintain the ambiguous oppositions and moral choices which made the M&M narratives so compelling. Indeed, rather than a striking opposition between Good (Light) and Evil (Darkness), there has always been, in the former M&M games, a balance of the opposites, with most characters painted in shades and grey (ie: fully fleshed out personalities, covering the whole spectrum between radiant benevolence and wicked villainy instead of square-jawed caricatures).

Nobody is all good, and nobody is pure evil. Any character (and the heroes above all) could choose to be a villain or a hero at the moment. It’s a lot like life as we know it.

4. What are your objectives with this new world ? What innovations can we expect?

First things first: we want to make it deep, consistent, and exciting! By “deep and consistent”, we mean giving the world a sense of history and of scope. The universe shouldn’t feel like it was shiny and new and unwrapped just for the game.

You might not see all the background that’s being built in Heroes 5, but it’s important that it’s there – that sort of continuity informs everything else, and lets you know that the world doesn’t end at the edge of your mission map.

As for the “exciting” aspect, well, expect to re-discover all of the familiar fantasy places and races, with countless subtle touches that will spark your imagination.

Chief among the races you’ll see will be our Dragons, who are, literally, the base the entire universe is built on. They are a vital part of every aspect of our world – from the cosmology to the nature of magic, to religion and the way people talk day to day.

5. Could you describe us the process of re-creating a universe like this one? What are the key areas you are working on?

Our first task is to design a common background: a brand new fantasy world complete with history, geography, politics, culture, etc.

Then, we build a common “identity”: a tone, an atmosphere, a style that will permeate all the facets of any future M&M products from the global concepts (dramatic themes, general mood, etc.) to the more specific details (graphic codes and symbols, musical leitmotivs, etc.).

Finally, because we are talking about games, we must also create a common set of “core rules”: What is mana and how do we use it? What are a paladin or a fireball in our world? These things seem pretty basic, but you really need to nail down your definitions early – it’s amazing how many things can cascade off of simple things like this.

6. What are your inspirations for this new universe?

We’ve been heavily inspired by seminal fantasy authors like J.R.R. Tolkien (of course), but also Michael Moorcock, Guy Gavriel Kay, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, Glen Cook and George R.R. Martin. These are authors whose worlds and stories are both epic and tragic, with the perfect balance of horror and wonder.

7. On the graphical aspect, what orientation can we expect from future M&M games?

Let us say that it’s time for Dorothy to ride the dark whirlwind and leave the gentle light-hearted fantasy of Axeoth behind. Ahead lies a world of blood and shadows, of jagged blades and voracious flames, of sweet lies and bitter poison…

That’s where we’re taking you, and the best part is, you’ll gonna ask for more.

8. Why did you decide to work with Olivier Ledroit on this project? Could you introduce him to us?

Olivier Ledroit is a French Comic book artist, very popular in Europe, best known for his first series Les Chroniques de la Lune Noire (“The Black Moon Chronicles”, 1989-2005).

He has more recently worked with the British writer Pat Mills (of Marshal Law and Slaine fame) on several “dark horror” series such as Sha or Requiem.

Olivier is an extremely talented artist, and his dark baroque fantasy universe was one of our main graphic inspirations for the new M&M world. So the logical step was to ask him to contribute on the project, and you easily imagine our extreme excitement when we he accepted the assignment.

9. Regarding Heroes 5, why was it important to have this new universe?

Simply because Heroes 5 will be the first M&M game published by Ubisoft, and as such, will really lay the bases for the “reborn” brand

So the events of the single player campaign you’ll play in Heroes 5 will have direct repercussions in all the M&M games to be released in the coming years. Here is where the avalanche starts, and it’s going to be a hell of a ride down.

10. What are your plans for the future regarding this new universe?

In the future M&M games, we will deal with the “apocalyptic” consequences of the main plot featured in Heroes 5.

We will also expand the “known world” to include new Factions (5 are currently planned).

And we are already thinking of a “prequel” saga that would let you delve into some of the more obscure mysteries of our world.

There’s an awful lot of backstory, culture and history in the world we’ve created, and we want to give you a chance to explore it. This is, of course, another way of saying we want to share all of the cool stuff we’ve been coming up with, because, well, it’s cool and we’re just naturally both a couple of show-offs. It’s still cool, though. Honest.

11. Can you tell us more about Isabel, the key character of the game? What does she look like, what will happen to her, how is she? Why is she so important?

Let’s just put it this way – when a child is born in a way that contravenes every known law of the universe, it might be time to start worrying.

And Isabel was that child. She’s a beautiful woman of noble birth, the only child of her parents’ old age. Her upbringing was rather lonely — she had nannies, tutors, and maids rather than siblings, parents, and friends. None of them could have prepared her, however, for what she’s about to go through.

Now that she has come of age, she is promised to Nicolai, the young ruler of the Holy Griffin Empire.

But Isabel is not destined to find happiness. Her fiancé will die, her world will crumble, and, well, you’ll just have to see what happens after that. It’s going to be one hell of a honeymoon.

As for her portrait, well, picture an immaculate apple-blossom frozen in its delicate beauty and purity by an early, unnatural, frost, and set to a sharp, metallic twig... This is what Isabel looks like…

12. To conclude why do you think people will enjoy the universe you helped to create?

I think that the best praise we could get for this new universe is that it “feels strong and it feels real”.

All of the different factions have very good reasons to justify their existence and their ongoing struggles with the rival nations.

All of the characters have legitimate motivations and credible mindsets.

The drama is tight, focused on a long chain of major events that covers millennia of spoken myths and written history.

Everything is related. Every action has its consequences, sometimes hundreds of years later.

And the Magic is there, stronger than ever and ready to lead you to places you’ve never seen before.

» 04.08.2005

Ubisoft, one of the world’s largest video game publishers, announces the development of Dark Messiah of Might & Magic®, a new first-person action game for the PC, powered by an enhanced version of the Source™ Engine, the award-winning game technology Valve created to power Half-Life®2.

Developed by Arkane Studios, the team behind the critically acclaimed Arx Fatalis game, Dark Messiah of Might & Magic® puts players in a first-person perspective, allowing them to immerse themselves in the legendary Might and Magic® universe as never before. It is also the world’s first fantasy action game to feature a complete first-person combat system. It takes full advantage of the Source™ Engine’s exceptional technological enhancements in areas such as character animation, advanced AI, real-world physics and shader-based rendering.

Ubisoft acquired the Might and Magic® brand in 2003 and Dark Messiah of Might & Magic® is the second title Ubisoft will be launching as it restores this famed franchise to glory. Dark Messiah of Might & Magic® is scheduled for a summer 2006 release and will be shown for the first time at the Games Convention in Germany on August 17, 2005.

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