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ArbCom Elections
I have elected to not vote in the ArbCom elections this year. I believe that the decision to use a voting system that reveals who has voted for whom, and that allows users to actively oppose candidates with commentary amounts to begging for users to violate NPA and engage in incivility. Further, I fear that we will see the departure of many desperately needed Wikipedians over things that are said during the voting. I cannot and will not participate in something that I believe will only serve to widen the chasms already existing in the Wikipedia community and further tear Wikipedia apart at the seams. The unity of the Wikipedia community will be in my prayers over the coming weeks. Grace, Light, and Peace always, -- Essjay · Talk 17:53, 9 January 2006 (UTC)

The Lord is my Light and my Salvation
Of whom should I be afraid?
Psalm 27

"Essjay" is the spelled-out form of my initials, S.J., and also of my patron saint, Saint Justin. It was a nickname I picked up in graduate school. It has nothing to do with the Jesuits (Society of Jesus). Other Wikipedians sometimes confuse me with User:Sj, but we are not the same person!

For various reasons, I prefer to remain anonymous on Wikipedia, but I also believe it is important for me to offer information about myself that is relevant to my work on Wikipedia. To clear up any confusion over whether I'm a he or a she; for the record, I'm a he.

My motto on Wikipedia (and in life) is Lux et Veritas (Light and Truth).

Professional Life

This user is an administrator.
This user is a former Mediator.
This user has served as the Admin General of Esperanza.
This user has served as the Director of the Counter Vandalism Unit.

I am a tenured professor of theology at a private university in the eastern United States; I teach both undergraduate and graduate theology. I have been asked repeatedly to reveal the name of the institution, however, I decline to do so; I am unsure of the consequences of such an action, and believe it to be in my best interests to remain anonymous.

I hold the following academic degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies (B.A.)
  • Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R.)
  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Theology (Ph.D.)


This user maintains a policy of neutrality on controversial issues.
This user maintains a strict policy condemning all personal attacks.
This user enforces a zero tolerance policy against newbie biting.
This user really doesn't like vandals, reverts their "work" on sight, and will block for it.
This user is happy to help new users. Leave a message here.
This user has an expertise in Christian theology.
This user reserves the right to completely screw up his edits.
This user is a metapedian.

With regard to Wikipedia, I have many areas of interest. When I first started, I limited myself to articles regarding Christian theology and Roman Catholicism. I still contribute to many theology articles, but my interests have broadened. I have recently established my rules for editing Wikipedia to deal with the inevitable stresses of the Wiki.

I am a regular RC patroller; I watch and maintain the CVU's vandalism-detection IRC channels. I regularly welcome new users and am a member of the Welcoming Committee, the Kindness Campaign, and Esperanza. My personal mantra is Do not bite the newbies, ever! I have written out my Wiki-Philosophy for those who may be interested. For those who care, what I believe are my significant contributions are listed here. More important than those, however, are my many WikiFriends.

I frequently use Latin phrases around the Wiki; for those who are unfamiliar with Latin, I have compiled a short glossary of frequently used terms here.

I have other passing interests, and occasionally contribute in random areas, although I try to avoid areas where there are better qualified contributors. I occasionally dabble in other religious traditions, particularly the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). I refuse to contribute to articles on issues that are highly controversial; I don't care for WikiWarfare. I am registered as Essjay on most of the other English Wikimedia projects, although I have rarely been active outside of Wikipedia. I edit Meta and was previously somewhat active on Wikiquote; I have renewed my interest in both projects as they tend to be less hostile than Wikipedia.

For those who impress me with their Wiki-skills, or catch my mistakes, I have been known to award partial and plenary indulgences. For faithful RC Patrollers, I award the Vandal Whacking Stick. There are many other awards I love to give out; a full list is in my gallery.

If you disagree with me, I'll brand you a heretic and have you burned at the stake Ad Majorem Gloriam Jimbo...There's nothing like an auto de fe in the morning!

Other Wikimedia Projects

This user has a userpage on the English Wikipedia.
This user has a userpage on Meta.
This user has a userpage on Wikiquote.
This user has a userpage on Wikimedia Commons.


I make edits to Meta when I see something that needs to be done, and I try to run through Recent Changes looking for vandalism/newbie mistakes when I can. For the most part, there isn't a lot of Meta vandalism, so most of my tasks are either cleanup-related, or transwiki and speedy tagging misplaced Wikipedia entries.


When I first joined Wikiquote, I was only slightly active, mainly doing formatting tasks. Since taking a major break from Wikipedia and returning there, I have become more active on other Wikimedia projects. After a routine question on the Village Pump led to a discussion of the incomplete nature of Wikiquote's policy base.

As an admin on Wikipedia, I have a lot of policy experience, and have participated in drafting and adopting a number of policies. In an attempt to help fill out the ranks of Wikiquote's policy base, I have founded WikiProject Policy Revision and am spearheading the revision and adoption of existing and new Wikiquote policies. All interested Wikiquote users are invited to join us!


I upload images to Commons frequently, and often tag images and add interwiki links when I am doing Wikiquote formatting. As with Wikiquote, if I can pull myself away from Wikipedia, I plan to become more active as a vandal fighter on Commons.

Smaller Wikis

I have worked on several smaller wikis that have been the victims of spammers or vandalbots. I have accounts on chr.wikipedia, ks.wikiquote, nv.wikipedia, and es.wikiquote. I was temporarily sysopped on nv.wikipedia and es.wikiquote to help with cleanup efforts. I am willing to do cleanup on any small project that is attacked, just leave me a note on my en talk page or find me in IRC.

Contacting Me

I am an Administrator; if you need my help, please let me know. Note the indicator to the side; if you see "I'm Out", then I am not currently online; if you leave a message, your request will not be answered until I return. Before leaving me a request, please read my administrator action policy. If you are requesting an action regarding a specific user, please use the {{vandal|Username}} template.

This user is a native speaker of American English.
Hic usuarius simplice Latina Ecclesiastica contribuere potest.
Cette personne peut contribuer avec un niveau élémentaire de français.

Contacting me:

Administrator Logs

I stand behind all of my administrator actions (as I do for all my contributions) and I encourage others to review my logs and bring any questionable actions to my attention. I strongly encourage other administrators who feel I have made an action inappropriately to take the appropriate action to rectify it and follow up with a note to me. A Request for Comment concerning my administrator actions can be viewed here.

Mediator & Mentor


I am a former member of the Mediation Committee; I resigned in November 2005 for personal reasons. As a former mediator, I am empowered to serve as a mediator at the request of the Mediation Committee. My general mediation philosophy includes a willingness to mediate any dispute where all the parties are open to good faith mediation. I will not mediate a highly technical dispute if I do not understand the content behind it (for example, I won't mediate between two doctors on a highly-specialized medicine article) because I feel a knowledge of the subject matter is important to a mediator's efforts.

I am also willing to mentor any editor who is looking for a mentor. This applies to behavior-related mentoring as well as general making-yourself-a-better-editor mentoring. New users are welcome to stop by my talk page to ask questions, and I'm happy to help any new administrator that would like help learning the ropes. I also have a fold for interested sheep.


Esperanza is a newly formed association of Wikipedians dedicated to strengthening Wikipedia's sense of community through establishing a support network for Wikipedians in an environment that is often hostile and apathetic. I am a founding member (R), and served as the third Administrator General. If you are finding Wikipedia hostile and apathetic, if you need a helping hand, or just need to talk, feel free to leave me a message, send me an email, or find me on IRC/IM, and I'll be happy to do all I can to help you out.

Awards, Honors, Etc.

Some users seem to think I'm a valuable contributor, and have given me awards! (I imagine they'll want them back once they get back on their medication.) If you'd like to see what I've received, they're in my gallery. More important to me than any awards, however, are the many friends I've made. By special request, I've posted a picture of Mia, my cat, in the gallery as well; I'll add a picture of Ami, my dog, as soon as I find a decent one.

For those interested:


  • For my RC patrol work, Lucky 6.9 has branded me a trollslayer, and I wear that title with pride. The trolls shall not prevail! I shall not be moved!
  • I'm honored to have an entry on Raul's Laws of Wikipedia;
  • I am and always will be the WikiPope of the Catholic Church of Wikipedia.
  • I've finally been impersonated: User:Ëssjay.
  • I also have my own personal vandal, Mickey. If you see him, put him back in his cage.
  • I have been accused of having a lackey who does my dirtywork. I've also been accused of being in several cabals.
  • In reality, I have many, many lackeys who do my dirtywork, as well as an army of sockpuppets with admin, b-crat, steward, and dev powers across every Wikimedia project. Also, I have sockpuppets with seats on the MedCom, ArbCom, and the Board of Trustees. Oh, and Jimbo is definitely my sockpuppet. Finally, I am the cabal.
  • I have a terrible habit of vandalizing User:Mindspillage, particularly with images like this one. If you see me doing it, slap my hand.

Theology & Religious Life

This user is probably going to Hell, and doesn't really mind.
The Christianity of this user may be disputed by conservatives.
This user is not a Roman Catholic priest.

I am an extremely liberal Christian theologian and Christian existentialist; a self-professed heretic and schismatic. I am a member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). In addition to attending a Disciples church, I attend Mass at a Roman Catholic parish on a regular basis because I have a deep appreciation of the liturgy.

When considering my contributions on theology, it is important to remember that I am a Catholic scholar, not a Catholic. I rarely if ever contribute anything to an article without a definite source, and I research my contributions extensively before I submit them. I am always willing to provide my sources to anyone who would like verification of my contributions or more information.

I serve a local parish as a cantor. I have been asked in the past if I am a priest or a Jesuit, and although I am neither, I did belong to a monastic community before I began my graduate studies. For now, I have no plans to become a cleric. I am, however, a Disciples of Christ Elder, and could be ordained as a Disciples minister if I desired.


This user is male.
This user is from the Northeastern United States.
This user is gayer than Christmas.

I've gotten a lot of requests for information about me personally, and while my anonymity is important to me, I'm willing to oblige where I can. First let me say, I won't reveal my real name or where I teach. With that said, I offer the following:


The trolls shall not prevail!
The trolls shall not prevail!

Here are some links I use on a regular basis:

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