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Gila National Forest
3005 E. Camino del Bosque
Silver City, NM 88061
(505) 388-8201

United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service.

About Us

Ranger District Information
Map of Ranger Districts Black Range RD Black Range Ranger District
Glenwood RD Glenwood Ranger District
Quemado RDQuemado Ranger District
Reserve RDReserve Ranger District
Silver City RDSilver City Ranger District
Wilderness RDWilderness Ranger District

Organizational Overview

The Forest is divided into six areas known as Ranger Districts. Each district has its own management staff led by the District Ranger located at the Ranger District office. Because of the Gila's size various work stations exist in remote areas. The Forest Supervisor's office, located in Silver City, NM, houses various program managers and resources utilized by Districts in managing the forest.


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History of the Area

Popular theory says that the word Gila was derived from a Spanish contraction of Hah-quah-sa-eel, a Yuma Indian word meaning "running water which is salty". The naming of the Gila National Forest is indicative of its interesting history and beauty. The Forest, tucked away in southwestern New Mexico, is a paradise for those seeking solitude and escape from modern society's busy lifestyle (more).

USDA Forest Service - Gila National Forest
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