The British National Party, BNP, is the only hope for the survival of British people in these islands. The BNP is not just a political party standing in elections, it is the only movement which encompasses political, community and cultural aspects to ensure that the British folk nations have a future.
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John Bean's Nationalist Notebook

Editor of "Identity", author and well respected veteran nationalist John Bean writes his "Nationalist Notebook". More of John's incisive observations on political life can be read every month in "Identity".

  Nationalist Notebook Headline
Tories Target Muslim Voters, 22nd Dec 2005
D.S.O. Means “Don’t Sign On”, 22nd Dec 2005
Turkey Has No Place in Europe, 24th Nov 2005
Government’s Claim on ‘Managed Migration’ Demolished, 24th Nov 2005
How Small Genetic Differences Give Racial Divergency, 31st Oct 2005
EC To Control British Defence, 24th Oct 2005
A Salute To A Brave Italian Lady, 24th Oct 2005
A Warning That Went Unheeded, 4th Oct 2005
Call to Save Wartime British Warship, 7th Sep 2005
VJ Day 1945 – The end for a cruel but courageous foe, 15th Aug 2005

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All material published on these pages represents the personal views of the individual columnists and should not be taken to represent official BNP policy, which is decided by the Chairman after a period of ongoing consultation and discussion at the annual conference each November.


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