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Latest surgery went well!
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Parents:   Deana & Deven
    Brother:  Clayton
    Sister:  Caitlyn
City/State:  Texas

Diagnosis:     SEVERLY BURNED

Age:   4 YEARS OLD
Birthday:   Sept 1, 2000


WEB URL:  http://babydelaney.tripod.com

Remarks: .
 1st PRAYER REQUEST: Date:  05-15-01
     I received a request for a little girl named Delaney who was burned critically over 45% of her body in May 2001, when she pulled a fryer of hot grease onto herself.  She went into the hosp, and was given only a small chance to even live.  But, God had other plans for this little girl!
     She has healed wonderfully, and exceeded all the initial expectations had for her..
     You can read all of her story at:

     Please continue to pray for her, that she will continue to heal, and that she will be a mighty witness to the power of God to heal, and of His great love for us.

Below are just a few of the email updates from the last 9 months about Delaney.  You can go to her website above to read all of the information about her.
     God bless each of you for your prayer,
Grampa Jim

UPDATE:  10-26-05 11:29:50 (EDT)
     Delaney is playing soccer and having a blast with it. She will also be able to start T-ball this next season.  She is a wonderful and beautiful little girl and we thank GOD everyday that she is still with us. 
     Just wanted to let you know and tell you thank you for all your work on keeping up the updates on her. I know people that still wonder are happy to see that updates are still being done!! 
     Thank you all for your prayer,
UPDATE:  06-13-05

     Delaney had another surgery on her hand last week...

     Delaney just got out of surgery at 4. She went in around 1, I believe.  The doc said her fingers are definitely longer now. and the extra skin was removed from the inside of the elbow, so she should be able to bend her arm straight now. 
     Just to give you an idea of how her left hand look, a child at the baseball field thought her hand was a baseball glove, because it was so undefined. Delaney also was frightened for the first time now that she is older. She told Deana that she liked her hand and arm just the way it was, and she was afraid that "the doctor would make a mistake"! That 4 year old is way too smart!!!! 
    Thank you for your prayers, they truly carried us.  Delaney should not have to have any more surgeries for awhile now.
    Thank you again for your continued prayers and support!

God Bless!

Dawn Baumbach

UPDATE:  04-26-05
     Delaney is growing up and becoming a lovely young lady..  She is such a sweet girl and has a tender, yet strong personality.  I know she will be able to handle whatever life throws her way. 
     Can you please post new pics of her - I still get at least one email a week asking about her.

Thank you and God Bless!!

UPDATE:  02-22-05
     Thanks for letting people know how Laney is doing. 
     She is doing very well.  She's a little social bug at school.  We have had a couple of situations where she said her hand was ugly and she didn't want it anymore.  When I explain that it is a part of who she is and it will never go away she cries because she thought when she got older it would disappear.  I'm sure we are going to go through many more situations like that as time goes by. 
     She will be having surgery this summer on her left hand to get rid of the webbing between her fingers and a skin release on her right arm.  They did tell me last visit that later on they will be able to take her toenails and implant them on her fingers that are partially amputated so she can have nails.  I thought that was pretty interesting. 
     Anyways we are all doing great, Clayton and Caitlyn are about to start ball and we are all looking forward to that. 
Love, Deana
UPDATE:  09-24-04

     I haven't written in awhile because Delaney has been doing great!  She will need more surgery later on, but at this time - she's just enjoying being a kid. 
     My aunt sent me a cute email last week - A boy at school asked Delaney about her scars and where did they come from.  Her answer - "BUGS!"..  He didn't say anything else!   She has quite an imagination on her.
     Last Christmas - we were all together and she and my uncle were "comparing" their scars.  He had heart surgery the xmas before - and she's got the scars on her chest from being burned.  It was very cute watching the two of them pulling up their shirts with no disregard or inhibitions. 
     Just wanted to let you know that she's still out there and still going strong!
 Dawn Baumbach
UPDATE:  08-15-03

From Grandma:

     I just want to report she came through it fine.  The surgeons did two Z's on her arm to let it grow, as there was a large accumulation of scar tissue.  Deana has to take her  back in two weeks to get the stitches out, this will be on her 3rd birthday.  Delaney woke up, drank some sprite and then asked for some chicken!  She is such a trooper, thank you for your prayers!
     Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!
 God Bless!
Dawn Baumbach

UPDATE:  08-14-03
     I haven't contacted you in awhile, but that was because Delaney has been doing so well.
     She is having surgery (TODAY), can you please keep her in your prayers. Her mother is still upset and blames herself for Delaney's injuries, so we are praying to relieve her guilt as well.

From Delaney's grandmother -
     Please lift up our little Delaney. She is having surgery on Thursday to remove scar tissue on her arm at Shriners in Galveston, TX. The doc said since her skin was so soft, they wouldn't have to do plastic surgery. Even so, my daughter-in-law is heaping tons of guilt on herself. I tried to console her, but I don't know if I got through. This is also very difficult on the older two. She will need more surgery on her hand, her little breast and under both arms. Thank you so much for your prayers!

As always, we thank you for everything you do and for your continued thoughts and prayers.
Dawn Baumbach 

PRAISE REPORT:  02-12-03
     I got an update from her grandmother and I wanted to share with you…
     Miss Delaney is doing so well, Shriner's doesn't want to see her for 6 months. They were very concerned about how she uses her badly scarred hand, and she can unscrew anything she chooses. The scars are all mature now and the one that was fairly raised on her leg is almost flat, due to Deana massaging it so much. She is without an appeite right now, and she can't afford to lose the weight, so they told Deana to get instant breakfast and add powdered milk to her food. I wish someone would tell me I need to put on weight! Ha! When the doctors finished examining, she politely asked, "are we done now?" She is such a miracle and we are so thankful we have the pleasure of watching her grow up. She is also fully potty trained, she did that on her own, and off the bottle(that took a little coaxing). Thank you God and Parkland Hospital Burn Unit!
     We are truly blessed that she has recovered from an almost-death experience…
     As always, I want to thank you for your continued prayers and wishes for Delaney.

Dawn Baumbach 

UPDATE:  02-03-03
     Delaney is doing so well.   Her grandmother asked me to send these pictures to you in case you want to add to your website. (Click on the picture above to go to photo page)  She is truly a beautiful child!

Thanks for everything,

Dawn Baumbach 

UPDATE:  09-20-02
     We are in grateful awe of the healing Abba Father has done in her little life. She is one spunky little 2 year old now. She will be having further surgery in December or January at Shriners in Galveston. The surgery will be on her arm and hand as there is heavy scarring they have to remove. Please accept our humble thanks for your prayers, they DID make a difference and still are! Praise God for His grace and healing love!
Karen Parrish (Delaney's Grandmother)

UPDATE:  08-29-02
From Delaney's Mom....  please include Delaney in your prayers today.

Thanks and God Bless!  Dawn

Hi Everyone,
     I just wanted to let ya'll know how the Shriners visit went.  Before this last visit the docs said she was doing so well that after this last visit she probably wouldn't have to go back again until 6 months instead of three.  Well that is what I was expecting to hear this last visit and it wasn't.  Delaney has been waking up at nights crying so bad and it will go on for 1-2 hrs.  Of coarse she can't tell me what's wrong but I can tell by the crying she is frustrated and something is hurting because she will try to go back to sleep and wake back up screaming. I told the docs about it and they looked her over.  The scar on her right arm above her elbow is so thick that even with all the rubbing and massaging I'm doing just doesn't seem to be helping.  As well as the scar on her left arm.  When she extends her thumb to the palm of her hand there is a thick scar that pops up all the way down her forearm.  It's pretty thick as well.  They said even though she has full range of motion in both areas, she needs to go ahead and have surgery to remove the thick scars.  When he told me that I just blurted out no! not yet, let me work a little more on it.  I just can't handle the thought of another surgery on her little body.  All I can think is that's more scars and more pain.  They told me I have three more months to work on it and if it's not better than they will do surgery.  I know there are going to be scars that is impossible to get down just by message, but there is also that little thought in the back of your mind saying she's going to be different, we're going to get them ALL down and stretched out without surgery.  It doesn't look that way thugh.  If everyone would please pray that maybe I could get one area down enough that it will not need surgery, it would be greatly appreciated.  We go back to Shriners Nov.20th.  Otherwise she doing great!  She turns 2yrs. old on Sunday, Sept.1.  That's really hard to believe.
     She's so precious and such a joy!
     Thanks again for everyones thoughts and prayers,

Love Deana.
UPDATE:  07-26-02
     I wanted to share a few pictures w/you all..  The first one is Delaney's family - Mom (Deanna), Dad (Devon), sister (Caitlyn), and brother (Clayton).   (Click HERE for pictures)
     The second one of Delaney by herself.   She continues to do well. She got 4 caps put on her teeth and when she woke up from the anesthesia, she sat straight up and knew something was different in her mouth. With that she pulled her lip up and announced to the people in the room, "teeth". She then saw her IV which was still in and pronounced "OUT"!   She has taken to showing them to everyone, strangers included..  whether they want to see them or not!
     Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.  I'm continually asked how she is doing, and that makes me feel so good that you all continue to think of her..

Dawn Baumbach
UPDATE:  04-12-02
     Just to let everyone know, Delaney is doing very well!  Here is a new picture of her with her Sister Caitlyn, Brother Clayton, and Uncle Adam (click to see pictures).
     She will have more surgery later, but not until her scars have fully healed. Her mother is still under a heavy load of guilt - her name is Deanna. Would you please pray for her.
Bless each of you ,
UPDATE:  02-15-02
From Delaney's mom - my cousin's wife:
     -   -  -   -   -   -   -   -
     Just wanted to let everyone know how Delaney is doing.   She is walking and into everything, she has turned into a very strong willed little girl.  Totally different than the other two.  She is a little bundle of joy.  Her scars are starting to heal, there are some  areas that are still pretty thick and red but the doctors at Shriners said when we go back in three months they should be almost healed.  They really give us so much hope for our darling.  We actually look forward to her visits.  There is so much they already have planned to do for her.  As soon as the scars are healed (not red) they will be able to go in and remove the thick ones.  One of the nipples still have not come through.  They said something is there, either a breast bud or the nipple.  If it is the bud and the nipple is gone they said they will be able to tattoo an areola on and put a nipple on.  You won't be able to tell the difference.  They said the thickness of the fingers and the amputated ones will slinder down to almost normal.  The coloring of the grafted areas are pretty much the normal color of her skin. You can still tell she's been burned, but if you see her from a distance it's not the first thing you see.  She is still itching a lot.  We try just about everything but sometimes it does no good.  That does get hard.  Shriners did tell us on our last visit (Feb.12) that she doesn't have to wear her pressure garments anymore.  They said it is just so hard on her because she hates them so much and I'll be able to massage her so much more that we could do without.  We were really happy to hear that.  She would cry when I put it on and I'd still cry putting it on.  Things will start getting better now, I know they will.
     I again want to thank everyone for continuing the prayers and cards for her.  I keep them all in a big box.  I can't wait for her to understand how many people were praying for her. She now tells everyone hi! wherever we go.  It's really cute.  Also if she's wearing a shirt that she can lift up, she will flash you.  We can't get out of the stores without her flashing someone and then of coarse I have to explain what happened to them.  I definitely don't discourage her from doing that. She's acts like she's proud of her boo boos and wants to show them off.  Her sister and brother are doing really well.  They still talk about the day it happened, but you can tell they're forgetting little bits at a time.  They love to explain to other kids about what happened and what Shriners are going to do for their little sister.  They go into such detail explaining, that the little kids look at them like why did I even ask?  It's pretty neat.  I just let them> say whatever their little hearts desire.  Well I'll update again soon.
     Thanks for wanting to be kept updated on her.  If anyone doesn't want to be sent these letters please let me know.  I just send the e-mail to everyone on our list from when we were at the hospital.  Thanks again.

                    Love, The Parrish Family
     -   -   -   -   -   -   -
I also want to say a special thanks to everyone who continues to ask me about her.  She is such a special child, and is definitely well loved.  Thank you for all for your continued support.

God Bless!

Dawn Baumbach
PRAISE UPDATE:  07-19-01
     Great news! Delaney has been preapproved by Shriners Hospital. There is a Shriners Hospital in Austin, and they will drive out to Lampasas and pick Delaney up for her therapy, or will pay gas for Deana to drive her into Austin. We are hoping that she will fully approved by September 7 when her next surgery on her hand is scheduled. She has been wearing a cast on her left arm and not only is the arm incredibly straight, but the cast is smoothing out the burned areas! There is also a lotion called Demarkable made by Beauty Control that is causing the scarring to smooth out and return to normal color faster than anything they have used so far. Deana and Deven should be moving into their house in the next two weeks. God has truly worked miracles through this family and again, we can't say enough...... thank you for your prayers, and may God bless each of you to
overflowing measure.

UPDATE:  07-19-01
From my Aunt - Delaney's Grandmother:
     -   -   -   -   -
        Delaney continues to go to physical therapy 5 days a week.  This puts Deana on the road 4-6 hours a day.  Her hand is the big area of concern right now as it changes almost within a 24 hour period.  They are trying to prevent it from curling up into a fist.  She is adjusting to her body suit a little, but would rather not be messed with at all.  One prayer request would be that she would start sleeping through the night, as she has not since the accident.  That makes for a tired Mom and Dad.
     Also pray that their house will be completed soon.  Deven is building it himself - evenings and weekends, after working 50+ hours each day.  Deven is exhausted as well.
       Thanks for your prayers and love, God is on His throne and doing His
work as onlyl as He can.
     -   -   -   -   -
FYI - My cousin and his wife had sold their house last year and had planned on renting an apt or small house.  They had bought property in the country and set to work building their own home.  Deven had planned on getting the outside finished, moving in, and then completing after that.  A very dear friend of there's offered to let them move in with her, her husband, and three kids.  So they did - with Deven/Deanna/3 kids of their own - sharing one room.
     Then, Delaney's accident happened...  and this set them back on their schedule to finish their own home.  During the early stages - when Delaney was first in the hospital - several friends/family members/church members/etc. went out on weekends to work on the house while Deven and Deanna were in Dallas.  Well, they still have a few helping, but as understandable, most have had to go back to their own lives/schedules.  So, Deven is trying to get finished on his own, with help from his Dad too.  Deven and Deanna want SO much to be in their own home again.  They really feel that this will help their entire family, to establish roots once again.
     So, if you can - please say a prayer for them.  They have been hit with alot of trying times all at once.  They are very strong - physically as well as religiously, and I know that they will make it through everything with flying colors.

Bless you all!

UPDATE:  07-09-01
     This is from Delaney's Grandmother.... they could use our prayers for continued healing for Delaney, as well as patience, strength, and guidance for the family during these difficult times.
     -   -   -   -   -   -
        We spent the week-end with Deven, Deana and the children. Tom worked at getting their house completed (probably another 3-4 weeks) and I kept Delaney, while her brother and sister swam at a friends. In an earlier email, I told you she only had to wear a body suit for her trunk, but they have now decided to have one that covers her body. Her little fingers on her left hand have webbed(which they said would probably happen) and they will do surgery to correct those fingers when she is completely healed. Her little spirits are so good and she and her grammy had a great time playing on Saturday. In addition, every time Deana takes off and puts on her body suit, she cries so hard and when she is through she gives Deana a look like "how can you do this to me?" This is killing Deana when your baby looks at you like that even though you know you have to do it. I know you all have prayed so much, but I am asking for more prayer...... because it's the only thing that works! Deana is exhausted and totally at the end of her rope. She has to be on the road 4-6 hours a day, 5 days a week taking Delaney to physical therapy in Temple. Of course she takes Caitlyn and Clayton, but as kids will do, that is NOT their favorite thing to do. Deven is working frantically on getting their house done plus working full time. We need prayer for strength, endurance and rest for this family. Since none of us have ever experienced anything like this before, we don't always no what to expect, and that sometimes throws us a curve. Tom will go back down this week-end, and that is also a prayer request, that Deven will have enough people to complete this house so they can be in their own beds! This is a long tough road, but we know God and the prayers of His people are what are going to get us all through this. I don't like this being totally out of control as a parent, but I definitely find it easier just resting in our Lord. It still was easier though when all we had to do was give them a bottle, change their diaper and put them to bed! Ha!
        Thank you for all of your prayers and we are still coveting those prayers! God bless you all and we love you dearly! Karen and Tom
     -   -   -   -   -   -   -
With this, I'd also like to enclose a prayer for each of you as well.  Your prayers, thoughts, kind words, have truly been appreciated.

I asked the Lord to bless you,
As I prayed for you today,
To guide you and protect you
As you go along your way....
His love is always with you,
His promises are true,
And when we give Him all our cares,
You know He will see us through.
So when the road you're traveling on seems difficult at best,
Just remember I'm here praying and God will do the rest.

In His Name, We Pray!

Dawn Baumbach
UPDATE:  06-12-01
     Wanted to give you all an update on how Delaney is doing.  It's truly a miracle!
     O.K. I'm going to try this again.  I have written three e-mails and none have gone through to anyone.
     For those of you that don't know already, Delaney is out of the hospital.  She is doing so well.  She was released a week ago this past friday.  It was a real shocker.  They took her out of ICU on a wednesday and put her in the acute care unit and by friday she was released.  This past Thursday we took her to the burn clinic and the doctors just couldn't believe how she looked.  All we can say is it's the work of the LORD no doubt!!!!!  She is smiling, laughing, playing and being as cute as can be.  I know we have told everyone thank you but we can't say it enough.  If it wasn't for all the thoughts, love and prayers I know she wouldn't have done so well so fast.  Caitlyn and Clayton are doing so well with her.  At first Caitlyn wanted to hide Delaney's hand and I told her we can't do that, we have to let Delaney know it's o.k. and nothing to be ashamed of.  After a while of thinking about it Caitlyn said "Your right, she's alive and that's all that matters."  I was so proud.  Clayton said her hand looked nasty and he wasn't going to touch it.  I told him it's o.k. he didn't have to.  A couple of days later he kissed it and told her he loved her.  Now none of it's a big deal to either.
     When we do therapy on it  of coarse Delaney screams so they both come into the room and sing, dance and make silly sounds to her to get her mind off what we're doing.  They are a big help.  We are battling the insurance company about thr right kind of therapy she needs.  They don't have a pediatric burn therapist in the insurance group and want to send her to a plastic surgeon.  Monday and Tuesday we are going to Scott and White to talk to them more about the insurance and then we will be going back to Tyler for more therapy there.  I really like the therapist there.  Plus we'er able to stay with Deven's parents.  His mom is out of school for the summer and she is loving having the grandkids there.  Poor Delaney has a long road ahead of her.  There is going a lot more surgeries and a lot of therapy, but we'll get through it all just fine.
     I'll tell you what, this has really made Deven and I rethink how we want to live our lives with our childern.  Deven's going to cut down on work hours, if there's a fair in town we're taking the kids, we're going on vacations, there's so much we want to change.  It's going to be interesting.  I'll let everyone know how this next week goes.
                       Love, Deana
UPDATE:  05-16-01
Latest from last night:
     Today we've had a little set back. When they unwrapped the grafted areas the foot, arm and the palm of her hand looked great, but the top of her hand and the fingers did not take. The nurse said the skin graft did not stick and it just moves all around. They will go in and regraft it on friday when they do the chest and a little on the right arm the doctor said. Also the area that they took the skin from (donor site) instead of drying like it should her body is treating it like a second degree burn so they are having to wrap and apply medication on both of her thighs where they took the skin from. It's kind of a set back, which we were expecting, but that didn't mean we wanted it to happen! We are still thinking positive and pray the surgery on friday goes well. As far as her health they say everything is going great. We want to thank everyone who has donated blood and apologize if any of you got the run around at the hospitals or blood centers. You would think they would make it easier to donate blood for someone.

Deven & Deana
     -   -   -   -   -
Please keep Delaney in your prayers....

UPDATE:  05-15-01
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 15:47:34 -0500
     She is not out of the woods yet, but is doing much better.  I'm sorry that I haven't sent an update, but I seem to be really busy at work lately.
     She ended up with 3rd degree burns on about 30% of her body - all on the front side.
     She did have surgery last Friday for skin grafting on her left arm, hand, palm, leg, and foot.  Her right side is not going to need any grafting.  She has been healing so quickly - even the doctors are amazed at her progress.   We know why that is - The Lord is watching over her.....
     She will need one more surgery on her chest (which will be done this Friday), and possibly another on her stomach area, but that second one is still questionable.
     She did lose up to the first knuckle of her pinkie finger on the left hand, and they shaved the left ring finger on the bottom, but she still has the nail.
     I did get to see her last Saturday.  She is such an angel!
     Her face will not be scarred.  And all of the splatter spots are healing on her arms and legs.  The main area was her torso - chest/stomach.
    We are SO thankful for all the prayers and thoughts that Delaney has received..  Her family is truly blessed that considering everything so far, she is really doing well.
     Her mom ended up with 2nd degree burns on her hands and palms, but they have already healed as well.  She will not need any surgery.
     I have a "Delaney Update" mailing list, if you don't mind me adding you..  I get an email nightly from Delaney's parents letting me know how her day was.
     Please keep her in your prayers - she has at least 2-3 months of hospital stay left.
 Thank you!

Dawn Baumbach

p.s. - A friend of the family created a website for her too - with her picture and daily updates...  http://babydelaney.tripod.com/

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