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Adama University Inaugurated

The promotion of Adama Technical Teachers College to a University is inaugurated during the 2005 student graduation ceremony held at the College on July 09, 2005.

Adama Technical Teachers College was established in September 1993 and it is the first institute in Ethiopia offering degree programs to generate Technical and business teachers for TVET University and schools.

Speaking on this occasion Obbo Juneydi Saddo, the President of Oromia National Regional State, said, “The Adama University is established. … Our vision to see Adama University established is realized today. Congratulation to all of us. I congratulate you all.” He also stated that as the existing higher institutions are not able to produce sufficient professionals in a great number, the federal government has finalized the preconditions to construct 13 universities at different corners of the country.

He said that among the thirteen new universities to be established in the country three of them are constructed in Oromia Region. The corner stone had already been laid for two universities at Robe and Nekemte towns.

The third university to be established in Oromia is to promote Adama Technical Teachers College to a university level. The government and the college’s community have made concerted efforts to complete basic and crucial issues to promote this college to a university level.

When the expansion program is all in all completed, the total student capacity of the university will be 6000, it was stated.

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