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June 22-26, 2006
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Naylor Observatory:

Buildings at Naylor
New! History of the Naylor Astronomical Center
Click here, to view a page detailing the history of the Edward L. Naylor Astronomical Center.
  • 17" f/15 Classical Cassegrain under the French Dome
  • 14" f/10 Meade LX200GPS Completely Computerized Go-To Schmidt-Cassegrain with GPS in our New Observatory (see pictures here)
  • 14" f/11 Celestron C-14 Schmidt-Cassegrain in our New Observatory
  • 12.5" f/6.5 Cave Newtonian in the Culver Roll-off Building
  • 12.5" Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain (currently dismantled and in storage)
  • 10.5" Maksutov-Cassegrain (undergoing reconstruction)
  • 10" Cave Newtonian on a portable pier.
  • Coronado Solar Telescope for viewing the Sun in Hydrogen Alpha
  • A Solar Heliostat Telescope in the Asper Administration Building
  • Assorted smaller telescopes available for loan or onsite use
Other Resources
  • Stellacam EX imaging system
  • A wide selection of eyepieces, filters, and other accessories for visual observation.
  • T-Rings and Adapters and other equipment for Astrophotography
  • Darkroom facilities
  • Telescope making equipment
  • An astronomical library (contains books, slides, software, and videos)
  • Several computers with astronomy software and internet access
  • Kitchen and bathroom facilities
Virtual Tour
Visit our image gallery to take a look at the facilities.
New! Expansion
Thanks to the continuing success of the 2003 capital campaign, which runs the length of our fiscal year, April 2003 thru April 2004, the Society has broken ground on a new building at the Naylor Astronomical Center. The observatory should be completely operational by Spring of 2004. The new building will be a roll-off roof observatory housing a 14-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope (already obtained - see pictures here) dedicated to CCD and video imaging. This building will also contain an additional pier which will also house our 10.5-inch Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope, which will be a nice addition for planetary observations. That is Phase I of our capital campaign. We currently have the funds to complete Phase 2A of the Capital Campaign which is re-mounting the Society's 12.5” Cave Newtonian telescope. Final Approval to place an order for the mount was granted at the February 2004 General Meeting. The only remaining goal of our Capital Campaign is to expand our Administration building to provide more room for meetings and other activities. You can help us make this possible! More information is available by clicking on capital campaign.
Detailed Location
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Lat/Lon: 40.1469 North, 76.8989 West
Elevation: 170 meters (559 feet MSL)
UTM: Northing 4445790.5, Easting 338253.03, Zone 18
Maidenhead Grid: FN10nd