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Much of the landscape within Manassas National Battlefield still retains its wartime character. Henry Hill, focus of heavy fighting at First Manassas in July 1861, is still cleared, though now neat and lush after decades of farming. A post-war farmhouse marks the site of the old. The unfinished railroad, scene of much of the fighting at Second Manassas, still runs through the woods north of the Warrenton Turnpike. The peacefulness of the Chinn Farm, its house and outbuildings now gone, belies the violence that took place there. The Stone House--the former aid station--still stands as it has since the 1840's, overlooking the Warrenton Turnpike.

Explore these pages to learn more about the battles and the campaigns in which they occurred. Experience a glimpse into the lives of the soldiers who fought here, and the civilians whose lives were forever changed by the battles. You can even take virtual tours of the battlefield through this site.

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