Glassware: Calculus Projects

Currently, this page will be used to demonstrate and review certain type of problems and fine tune the code that goes along with them. Also, the Epsilon - Delta Calculus Projects will be reviwed here.

Question Types:

So You Want Multiple Choice Questions ...
The concept behind this type of project is to have the student answer a few multiple choice questions in a particular area. The group must answer all questions correctly. Upon submission of the answers, they are only told how many of their choices were correct.

Sample Question

Find the Points ...
Since the Rule of 3 has now become the Rule of 4, the concept behind this question is to connect the verbal with the graphical. The student is presented with a graph and a question. The question asks the student to identify particular points on the graph with a Point and Click. The student is given immediate feedback as to whether the point chosen was the correct one. This problem style allows an independent of the order of the answers submitted.

The problem demonstrated here is that of identifying all the inflection points of a graph. The graph used is rough and certainly a better quality graph can be generated.

Sample Question

One At A Time...
This program implementation allows the most flexibility and provides a feature that cannot be accomplished in a written exam. The questions here are presented one at a time and the student cannot proceed to the next question until the answer for the current problem is given. This would allow problems where students can arrive at solution or formula. In a simpler implementation, it can combine questions of any style. In the problem implemented here, some questions are multiple choice (as in problem 1), some are image maps (as in sample 2) or just just a matching column where students click on a particular table entry.

In the problem implemented here, a student is asked to identify an area with an integral expression.

Sample Question (always re-starts the problem from question 1.

Return to the problem you were working on.

Technical Note:
This problem (as with the problem Find the Points ...) requires starting each of the problems from this page. Attempts to do otherwise cause an error message to be generated. This feature also allows a student to link to some other page (such as instructions or explainations) and then return to the problem.

Who Said No Essay?
This program allows students to answer question on an Internet form. The real thrust behind this problem is the ease at which an instructor can grade and return the essays.

To grade the instructor chooses a file to process and is then presented with an Internet form. Upon submission of this form, the responses, grade and instructors comments are emailed back to the student(s).

Some Features:

Sample Question

Note: This problem style was inspired by Dr. D. Sher and his in class, short answer essay quizes.


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