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Posted on 01 Jan 2006 by Thsa
Hakkar the Soulflayer Dead x3

Congrats to everyone for downing Hakkar the Soulflayer 3 weeks in a row. 

  Hakkar was a vile and bloodthirsty spirit who exulted in blood sacrifice.  Though he aided the Gurubashi trolls in greatly expanding their civilization throughout all of Stranglethorn and the islands of the South Seas, he demanded a great price. The bloodthirsty god demanded blood sacrifices every day. The trolls soon realized what a terrible mistake they had made by consorting with such an evil force.

The strongest tribes rose up against Hakkar and his followers, and a terrible war ensued. The budding empire was devastated by the magic unleashed by the angry god and his rebel children. However, the trolls succeeded in destroying Hakkar's physical manifestation and banishing his followers -- the Atal'ai -- from their kingdom. The Atal'ai were forced into the uncharted Swamp of Sorrows to the north. There, they built a great temple to their fallen god -- Atal'Hakkar -- where they could continue to do their master's work.

[Heart of Hakkar] - Fearstalker
[Fang of the Faceless
] - Magnis
[Gurubashi Dwarf Destroyer
] - Solvelis

[Heart of Hakkar] - Zapman
[Soul Corrupter's Necklace] - Monmaji
[Eye of Hakkar
] - Ceasar

[Heart of Hakkar] - Tinus
[Soul Corrupter's Necklace] - Denethor
[Cloak of Consumption ] - Nuadarlia


Posted on 30 Dec 2005 by Hikariu
Hakkar Down!

After much work in our ZG gear, the time has come. No more whispers from Hakkar. The Bloodgod is Dead! Woot! awesome job. Only one night after downing Tony we down Hakkar. With the crap RK has dealt with for about a year now, this shows how far we have come and all our hard work is starting to pay off!
Great Job again guys. Congrats to Magnis, Sovelis, and Fearstalker on the hakkar drops.

[Heart of Hakkar] - Fearstalker
[Fang of the Faceless
] - Magnis
[Gurubashi Dwarf Destroyer
] - Solvelis

Good Job Everyone!

Posted on 17 Dec 2005 by Thsa
Tony down!

High Priest Thekal : dead

Great job guys, ZG is almost completely farmable now! Couple more weeks will be taking on Onyxia and MC with ZG sets, and gear. We thank everyone that stayed throughout the learning process of Tony to the point of us getting a strat to take him down for good.
RK would also like to thank the tryouts that attended with us tonight for this kill, you guys did a Awesome job at fallowing our strat calling and taking him down.
Oh and the snake makes me laugh everytime we kill him.
Bat and Hakkar Tommarow!

ZG progression:
Bat: Dead
Snake: Dead
Spider: Dead
Bloodlord: Dead
Panther: Dead
"Tony" The Tiger: Dead
Hakkar: NEXT!



Posted on 16 Dec 2005 by Thsa
Congrats Hikariu!

The Officers of the Royal Knights and the members, congrat the GM of RK, Hikariu on the brith of his new baby girl! For two weeks, The Royal Knights will sport the Sexy Pink color insupport for Hikariu and his wifes new daughter.

Oh and a picture of the baby:

hehe Just Kidding.

If you want to see a real pic, visit:

Congrats HIK!

Posted on 28 Nov 2005 by Thsa
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