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MyGate 2.6

MyGate is a program for working with news servers (NNTP) through mail protocols (POP3 and SMTP). It runs on your computer and functions as internet message gateway. Your mail program will connect to MyGate server using mail protocols, and MyGate will connect to remote NNTP server.

MyGate development suspended, I have no time for this :(


MyGate 2.6 (581 kb) created on 15 Jaunary 2004.

Language files: Russian (26 kb), Polish (2 kb).
To make your own translation download translation kit (25 kb).

What's new in MyGate 2.6

15 January 2004

  • gates ar sorted alphabetically in main window
  • tray icon represents state of program
  • normal look of the program with 120 dpi display
  • The Bat! filters can be generated from MyGate
  • it's possible to hide groups with low activity from the list
  • settings of MyGate are in separate window now
  • you can make unwanted headers to disappear from incoming messages
  • you can delete or reformat Message-ID header of outgoing messages
  • made a separate plugin for The Bat! which starts MyGate synchronously with Bat (useful for those who don't keep The Bat! running all the time)
  • fully rewritten fragment of code responsible for connection, timeout settings were removed from gate properties
  • fixed bug with setting AllGroups.Count introduced to Win 9x users in previous version
  • when subscibing on groups filter processes wildcards ("*" and "?" characters)
  • made a detailed instruction on setting up mail clients

History of changes

Related links

Thomas Martin has done a German guide on his homepage. Its specially about the fine tuning in The Bat!, according to the FQDN and the templates so that the postings are nearly similar to the Usenet rules.

Michal Kosinski wrote Polish instructions on how to use MyGate with The Bat!

TurboBlix wrote Italian article about using MyGate with pop3 client "nPoPw" on PDA.

Tiny, but quite useful program for combining a single UUE-encodded file from a bunch of messages. By Stanislav V. Mikov.

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