Late Night Poker Ace Late Night Poker Ace


Acknowledged as the company that first made poker work on television, and the owners of the leading brand name, Late Night Poker, synonymous with the best poker on television, Presentable has cornered the quality poker market.

We’ll be launching soon, a site for poker players and for the audiences who watch our TV poker shows.

In 2005 we made 4 major television poker series:

Celebrity Poker Club

A third series for digital channel, Challenge, featuring top British names from the worlds of entertainment, broadcasting and sport. The series is Challenge´s top-rating show.

All Star Poker Challenge

ITV1´s first poker tournament, stripped across a week, with a £50,000 charity prize pool. Late Night Poker Ace

A series to find the best amateur poker player in the UK.

The William Hill Poker Grand Prix

An invitation tournament featuring 48 of the world´s top poker players playing for a £450,000 prize pot.