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Origin of the name/word "Skype"

By Jaanus View my profile on November 01, 2005 in Insight

I often get asked “where did the Skype name come from?” A creative version was offered by one of our forum readers:

it’s a Chuvash word … meaning “The whole world can talk for free”

The truth is a bit different, but at least as interesting :)

So somewhere a few years ago, Niklas and the other guys started thinking of this new thing they are going to make, which would let the world talk for free. And so they needed a name for it.

One of the names they came up with was “Sky peer-to-peer”, which got soon shortened to “Skyper”. But as happens in the Internet world, some of the domain names associated with “skyper” were already taken, so they thought what the heck, let’s just drop the “r” and make it “Skype”. It sounded good and the domains were available.

Initially the name didn’t make sense to many people. (Probably still doesn’t.) They go “Skype, what is that? A bird? Or a disease?” But after people learn about what Skype can do for them, the name seems to kind of work.


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That kinda makes a lot more sense than I thought. ^_^

Hey, that does make sense! Kinda ruins the fun once you know :(

I received SKYPE from a friend in the U.S. that I have formerly talked to over another free program, however, this one did all the adjusting for me (I run XPPro and have the sound card installed and working over Ultra High internet access. The sound was super clear. I am impressed. Thanks for making it available. I am also looking at "SkypeOut" for global calling. That, too is impressive.

Sorry wrong section I believe...please,please organise webcam so I don't need to run messenger at the same time.

They also wonder how to pronounce it :)

Nice to know the origin of the name...I haven't tried it out yet as my friend in Canada I wish to talk to is offline...trouble with the computer!! Anxious to try it though...

What are skype points? How do you earn them?


Skype rhymes with ripe and type. If you call echo123 (the Skype Test Call) you can actually here someone pronouce the word for you.

I always thought a skype was a goat. Skype goat. But really folks....

sounds good... in Austria you allready don't say "give me a call" it's just "skype me"...

BUT: Does anyone know, how much data (in kB, MB, GB) skype sends to the internet per minute of talking with skype? If someone can help me... send an short message to xbergasx....

THX for skype!!!

Cute, true and gets the point easily. I like it. And that's something. Kinda funny too. :)

I've never thought where "Skype" name comes from...
but from the time I used it first time I loved it!!
I hope in future I will be able to help you to improve it.

Need camera access NOW!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't know where "skype" name came from either. But i like it and used it every time. Need Webcam access though.
I hate msn hehehe.

Skype è un mome molto "amichevole". Aspetto al più presto una versione di Skype per il cellulare!
Skype is a very friedly name. I'm waiting for a Skype Cellulare Phone version, asap!

So what about Computer Camera connected to USB port?
Or cmcorder?
Joe, the SKYPE fan

I think Skype is a poor name for a global product. Most Asian languages don't have the correct sounds to say it. Often when I talk with my Asian friends I have trouble telling them about Skype.

"You can reach me by Skype."
"Skype? Never heard of it."
"You know, 'su-kye-pee'? 'su-kee-pay'?"
"Oh that! Why didn't you say so in the first place?"

It means: Search and Keep Your People Embraced

I noticed, that SKYPE is partly anagram of the word SPEAK (of course, only 80% anagram) ... but word "skape" doesn't sound so good - in my native language (Slovak) it means "[he/she] will die" :-(

"skype" is more cool :-) ... and I hope, it will never die

_ so let's SPEAK with SKYPE _

nice to know what are the real origins of the word :)

I have a problem trying to get Skype credit; sent Skype several emails and support requests but never get an answer.
My Bank says that there is no problem.
Why Skype do not answer?

Hi together
sorry to bother with a request for support in regards of Groups. After introducing Skype in my office and second on our main home PC, meanwhilst my Kids also downloaded and installed Skype. Now we are 4 users and I would like to buy SkypeOut Credits for all four accounts. What do I do to make all 4 existing accounts to a group?
Thanks for your help

No, that still doest make sense. Sky has nothing to do with communicating. Random... but who cares?

how come I cannot download the Upgrade and everytime I turn my Mac on it prompts me to upgrade

how come I cannot download the Upgrade and everytime I turn my Mac on it prompts me to upgrade

Makes sence :)

Génial, et... économique... Nous sommes ici en Belgique, et notre fille est à Tahiti : 15.700 km par la voie la plus directe. Et nous nous parlons comme si elle était à 100 m de chez nous. Il faut toutefois faire attention au décalage horaire !
Bravo, bravo... Ne changez pas votre politique, surtout !

I cannot find anywhere on your site how to buy credit without being charged VAT

I am a business and I have a VAT number from European country (United Kingdom); therefore according to my accountant I should not be paying VAT

For sure: Sky, from Universal; P from Phone and E from Eletronic

شكرا سكايب ,انه الموقع الافضل في العالم الذي به تكتمل الصورة هذه الايام باضافة استعمال الويبكام ,انه الوحيد الذي تكتمل فيه كل تقنيات الاتصال العالمي.
Thanks SKYPE;the first on the earth,completed with wibcam,to see the horison more and more near.

I think this talk for free is pretty cool but I hear mixed reviews on the quality of making phone calls. Internet to internet calling is free but for land lines that isn't free and that does have a 10 charge in euros which isn't that like almost $20 in american...? I really would like to be able to have say 5-10 mins of time I could purchase at say .50 or something so I can give the service a test before buying lots of time. Once citywide wireless internet is available then I will be going all out skype assuming the quality is at least satisfactory and the conversation MUST BE SECURE! But until then I would at least be interested in testing the skype service without dishing out a lot of money since I get unilmited local and long distance for $40 monthly and use well over 5000 mins per month still my land line is the cheaper route but this would be good for when im traveling.

Please if any skype employee reads this please try and persuade upper management to offer a cheaper "trial" package. Even if minuted cost a full .05 per min. it would at least let more people test your service out without feeling obligated to fork out much money which would probably result in a larger amount of people to give skype a test run. From there you may end up pleased/long-term customers rather than people never testing/becoming customers :)

Is there something missing with the search facility in Skype 2.0 ?

in Skype 1.4 the search has an advanced option to search the name and alias which is good to locate 'companies' and biz people with named professions trades..

Me resulta casi imposible comunicarme en inglés; ojalá que pronto podamos disponer de una versión en "cristiano". Lo anterior no me impide felicitarlos porque es maravilloso poder conectarse por este medio, con quien uno desee.

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I love you SKYPE! You make me feel happy.Because of YOU!,I can reach my MAHAL as everytime I miss him.And I've learned how to SMILE again....Because of YOU,we can keep in touch to each other.Thank you so much SKYPE....MORE POWER

Yahoo is announcing VoIP services at HALF the rates of the Skype-out rates .....

Will Skype react by dropping their rates at 50 % too ?

A lot of hype about skype, that it wasn't made for WIN 98 SE, but I installed it anyway, and lo and behold version 1.4 works great! Without a hitch!
I don't know why you don't advertise it as such.
I searched the entire internet for comments on "skype with Win98", but nothing. Why didn't you tell us?
Thanks for the great service! Skyper is hyper!

I am very happy to be a skpe member
I have introduced a lot of people within USA to it up to 20
then in Nigeria many people will be joining soon.
I will be presenting my humor soon.

Simplesmente Genial !!!

ce n'est pas un commentaire, mais je souhaite signaler un petit problème et je voudrais de l'aide pour le résoudre. Je garde mes discussions chat favorites et mon "historique est activé". Je ne trouve plus la discussion du 14.12.2005 alors que celles des jours avant et après s'affichent toujours. Comment faire pour retrouver cette discussion? Merci

I have just ventured into Skype territory but have watched UK friends use it to connect all over the world. I'm in the US with a good Broadband connection trying to call my daughter in OZ with a dial-up. We both run XP (same exact laptops) but it sounds like were are in a room full of people when we call.
1. I use a lynksys wireless connection. Should I connect directly?
2. She at least has the Skype's minimum dial-up connection.
3. Would our firewalls have any bearing? If so, what should we be looking for?
Love the service...just wish it would work! Anything anyone can suggest?

I have a problem with skype 2.0. It drops out after approx 48 secs. If I turn video off it stays on?

hi pls tell me the truth, can i used bt headset to my pocket pc using skype beta? and what kind of bt headset and how can i set up it to my pocket pc..

pls pls pls help me...

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