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Polystyrene Capacitor Customers:

Our Full Line of Polystyrene Capacitors

Is Once More Available

Bas Lim at Reliable Capacitors has developed a new, reliable source of polystyrene film dielectric for capacitors. After testing the new film for six months, Reliable and Finch & Marsh are able once more to offer their full range of polystyrene AudioCaps, MultiCaps, and Rels.

Please call our distributors or Jean Smith at 415-924-6090 to get prices and delivery dates.


Reliable Capacitors Customers!

Finch & Marsh, which represents high-performance capacitors for audio, video, and computer use, has owned the name "" since November 1996. Recently a Hong Kong parts company has wrongfully begun using our website to advertise and sell its products. We are looking into the legality of this action.

Meanwhile, potential customers should be aware that on this website, only capacitors represented directly by Finch & Marsh offer the construction, design, and high performance in audio, video, and computer soundboard applications that have made MultiCaps & AudioCaps world famous for reliability and high quality. The information and measured performance published in our brochure applies only to these products, and to no others.

The people authorized to respond to inquiries on are: Jean Smith, Sallie Reynolds, and Richard Marsh, all agents of Finch & Marsh. Information offered by any other individuals or companies cannot be guaranteed for legitimacy or accuracy.

Warning: Reliable Capacitors does not warranty any product sold through except those represented by Finch & Marsh.