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Join the #1 Advertising and Lead Generating System for Top Selling Agents™.

As a NUMBER1EXPERT with a Lead Generating Package, You'll Receive:
  • Advertising Across Our Network of Partner Sites
  • Exclusive Branding as a NUMBER1EXPERT™
  • Warm Web Leads™
  • Leading Edge Website
  • Sophisticated Email Follow Up System
  • Guaranteed Return on Investment
  • And Much More...
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Let Us Plug You Into the Extensive Reach of Our Internet Advertising Network
We promote you across the web by plugging your name, your listings, and your website into our exclusive advertising network. Not just on our portal site,, but across the web via the dynamic partnerships we have established to ensure you dozens, even hundreds, of leads every month.

NUMBER1EXPERT™ Is Exclusive and Sets You Apart from Other Agents
Less than 1 in 1000 agents are NUMBER1EXPERT™. You must meet our standards of selling $5 million annually or more. Our clients are among the top agents in their area, or the nation.

The Powerful Influence of NUMBER1EXPERT™ Makes Consumers Choose YOU
We ask consumers: "Who do you want representing you at the negotiating table? Any agent, or the agent that outsells others?" It's a compelling message. It works. Agents use their status as a NUMBER1EXPERT™ to set them apart from other agents.

Enjoy Warm Leads - Not Cold, 3rd Party Leads
Some companies ask consumers to fill out anonymous forms, which promise, "An agent will contact you." People have no idea who will contact them. We call these "blind" or cold leads. With NUMBER1EXPERT™, consumers are sent right to your personal website and your listings. Buyers and sellers are calling and emailing you personally. These are warm leads.

No Fees Per Lead - No Referral Fees - No Way
Pay only our standard setup and network membership fees. We never charge for leads. Nor are we a broker, so there are absolutely no referral fees. None of our network of partners charges you referral or lead fees, either.

Referrals Alone Make NUMBER1EXPERT™ a Must
"I've received 4 referrals this year already from other NUMBER1EXPERT™!"
- Dean Mueck
Why do NUMBER1EXPERT™ send each other referrals? Top Selling Agents™ have a higher closing ratio. This increases your chances of actually being paid a referral fee.

Includes Leading Edge Website to Convert Visitors to Leads
You'll receive an award-winning website designed to convert the visitors our advertising network sends you into leads. You'll also receive a sophisticated email follow up system, to help you convert these leads to sales.

Advertising Agents Online Since 1996
Our parent company began advertising agents in newspapers in 1983. NUMBER1EXPERT™ started advertising agents online in 1996. Our company is reliable, reputable, and stable. We have large offices you can visit in Northern California.

Powerful and Mature Technology
Our data center sends over 100,000 emails per day and receives 1,000,000 visitors per month on behalf of NUMBER1EXPERT™. 30,000 listings are sent out nightly to our listings partners. Agent contact information is sent in real time as it changes to our directory and other partners. The website you'll receive is third generation, as is the emailing system.

Over 90% of NUMBER1EXPERT™ Renew Their Membership, Year After Year
Our clients have written hundreds of testimonials. The results of our annual client survey are compelling. Yet there is no better measure of how valuable a service is than if customers come back. Our annual renewal rate, year after year, is above 90%.

How Much Does NUMBER1EXPERT™ Cost?
The cost to join NUMBER1EXPERT™, after first year set up fees, is about $300 per month. It's a small fraction of what the typical top producing agent spends on advertising.

The Average NUMBER1EXPERT™ Reports a 1300% Return on Investment
We survey our clients annually, and make public the results: The average NUMBER1EXPERT™ reports a return on investment of 1300%. Some as high as 5000%. It's one of the best advertising values there is, web, print or otherwise.

Join Without Risk - Double Your Investment or Your Money Back
One transaction will cover the cost of joining our exclusive advertising network. The average NUMBER1EXPERT™ reports far more than that. This is why we confidently offer a double your investment or your money back guarantee.

Advertising Network
Partners Include:

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