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It's every man's fantasy -- meet a sexy stranger, exchange a few choice words and suddenly she's hot, horny and ripping her top off. Does that sound too good to be true? Maybe Playboy's Totally Busted crew is the real force behind this fantasy coming true, and you've been caught on tape.

With its third season in full swing on Playboy TV, Totally Busted takes the hidden camera show to a sexy new extreme. A crew of comedians and adult stars pulls pranks while covert cameras are rolling. The results could only be shown on Playboy TV. Ignorant roadies walk backstage to find rock stars screwing, photo assistants are ordered to get closer to models than they ever thought possible and security guards get caught staring at the ultimate distraction.

"It's reality and you never know what's going to happen," says cast member Jelena Jensen. "It's like April Fool's every day."

You may see plenty of pranks on other shows, but nobody takes things to the outrageous extremes of the Totally Busted team. Click on the images at the left to see them in action.

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