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Meet the IT Gigolo By Steve Kandell

Systems Engineer "Ray Digerati" enjoys fixing computers and having sex. So he combined the two.

Name: Ray Digerati
Age: 34
Occupation: IT Gigolo

So, how long have you been a tech-support manwhore?
A few months. A friend was having trouble connecting to the Internet, this really attractive girl, and the idea just popped into my head: "Wow, it would be really nice if I could get sex for this." I placed an ad on Craigslist that read, "WILL FIX COMPUTERS FOR SEXUAL FAVORS," and I've had an overwhelming number of responses.

So, this scam actually works?
Yeah. Most of the calls I get are for spyware removal and viruses. One girl didn't even wait for me to finish the virus scan—she just grabbed me and gave me a blow job.

Do you have a set, um, pay scale?
No, I leave it up to their discretion. One girl didn't want to have intercourse, so she offered me a massage and then finished me off with a hand job. It's basically all about the time I spend: If I'm working for one or two hours, I'd like a blow job. An orgasm for every two hours of service is pretty fair. If it's something simple that I can fix in 15 minutes, I'd like to get a foot massage.

Do you ask to see photos before you make your house call? What if you walk in and the customer's just horrendous? I'm pretty open-minded. I'm a stickler for hygiene, but I don't discriminate.

This is sort of awkward, but my hard drive keeps crashing and...
No guys! I mean, I'll help you out, but for money. If you know any ladies who need their computers fixed, though, I'm ready, willing and able.

IT Gogolo
Need to get defragged? E-mail Ray at:

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