The Influence of Mesaoud:
Part One

By Chris Littrell


Mesaoud GSB 270 was a chestnut stallion, foaled in 1887 sired by Aziz II out of Yemameh (Shueyman x Bint Ghazieh). He was bred in Egypt by the Ali Pasha Sherif, acquired by the Blunts in 1889 and exported to Crabbet Stud in England in 1891, where he was a renowned sire until his eventual export to Russia in 1903. He was a Seglawi-Jedran of Ibn Soudan by strain and from his pictures appeared to be a very substantial horse. Lady Anne Blunt commented upon him in her journal on January 27, 1889 "The pick is (of horses being viewed for possible purchase) of course, the Seglawi Soudan son of Aziz, he is four, white legged and high up to the knee but surprisingly handsome. For a defect there is a certain lightness of hock inherited from Aziz but nothing wrong."

He appears in the pictures I have seen to have been above average in size and bone. He had correct conformation, with excellent shoulder, legs and hip. His topline appears fairly level with a well set tail. His neck, although a bit cresty, was well set and his head, although not extreme, was of good Arabian character. He was a very masculine looking horse that looked as though he could do a good day's work.

Mesaoud was raced with some success in Egypt, and according to Lady Anne had a certain staying power that might have made him more successful on a three mile course than on the two mile course. He was shown to a second place Polo Stallions at Raneagh in 1894 and was first at Crystal Palace in 1896, 1897 and 1898. He was fourth place at the International Horse Show in Paris in 1900.

Mesaoud sired 99 foals registered in the General Stud Book in England, five of whom were imported to the United States. They were: *Abu Zeyd (x Rose Diamond), *Antika (x Asfura), *Astraled (x Queen of Sheba), *Rosetta (x Rosemary) and *Shibine (x Shohba). Many of his other offspring have descendants in US pedigrees as well. Mesaoud's worldwide influence was phenomenal to say the least. Examining that influence could take volumes so I will limit myself to a few of his most renowned offspring, beginning with *Abu Zeyd 82 who has always been a favorite of mine and was probably the first Arabian horse I ever saw pictured.

*Abu Zeyd 82 was foaled in England in 1904 and was thus part of the last English foal crop of his sire, as Mesaoud left for Russia in 1903. His dam was Rose Diamond GSB 174 (Azrek x Rose of Jericho) who was bred at Crabbet from the famed Rodania mare line, but was owned by the Honorable Mr. George Saville, who was accordingly the breeder of *Abu Zeyd. In England he was registered as Lali Abdar GSB460 and left four offspring in that country, all of whom bred on and appear in pedigrees in various countries. He was renamed after his export to the United States in 1910 by Homer Davenport. He was the head sire at W. R. Brown's Maynesboro Farm in Berlin, New Hampshire for some time. *Abu Zeyd was a chestnut with his sire's flashy markings and his height is given as 15 hands 1/2 inch; weight 975 pounds. He sired a total of 46 registered purebred offspring in this country.

*Abu Zeyd's English offspring included Husn-U-Gul GSB 531 who appears in US pedigrees through the imported mare *Latifaa (and perhaps others in the Rodania Stud importation); Julnar GSB 596, dam of the mares *Kareyma 811 and *Kiyama 809; Rose of Persia, dam of the Nureddin II son Jeruan GSB 730, who went to Russia; and Sher-I-Khurshid GSB 601, whose son Edh Dhahab GSB 871 appears in US pedigrees through the Rodania Stud imports.

Among *Abu Zeyd's domestic offspring are horses whose names are practically "household words" to Arabian breeders. Consider Domow, Bazleyd, Bazikh, etc. The first named horse, Domow 267 needs very little introduction. She was the daughter of the famed 'war mare' *Wadduda 30 who was imported from the desert by Homer Davenport. She was the dam of eleven foals, all but one of which bred on. Her son Abu Selim 680 by *Azra 32, sired one foal, the mare Charmain 860 out of Aatika 590, and thus double Domow, who in her turn produced seventeen foals many of which can be found in pedigrees today. Domow's son Ahamed 681, also by *Azra, got thirteen foals including the likes of Ahanab 1099, Ardith 1101, Arjemond 859 and Mina 1097. Her son Domoude 413 by *Deyr 33 sired only one foal. the mare Kirah 551 who was the dam of seven progeny including Rasrah 865 by *Raseyn, grand dam of Rafferty. The mare Dowhana 858 by Hanad 489 was dam to eight foals, including the *Al Mashoor 965 daughter Scheherazade 2801 dam of Gazon, and Scheraffa 3938 dam of Llano Grande Conquistador. Domow was also dam to the stallions Reuel 1095 by *Saoud 687 and Tabab 441 by *Deyr, both of whom bred on stongly. Tabab was the sire of Aatika 590 and Monica 578 dam of five full siblings by *Raseyn 589 who are well known: Moneyen 1044, Moneyna 1352, Moreyn 828, Ramon 978 and Ramonica 1699. There were two other full siblings: Donazetta 929 and El Sakbe 1492 who did not breed on. Two other Domow offspring must be mentioned: the mare Hegra 487 by *Azra, who produced the black mare Chrallah 728 by Hanad who in turn was the dam of Hanraff, and Mahomet 729 by Hanad.

The next of *Abu Zeyd's offspring to be considered are the full siblings out of Bazrah 387: Bazikh 618, Bazleyd 648 and Hurzab 746. Bazikh was a mare with a very extreme head which she passed on to her offspring. As a broodmare for the Kellogg Ranch she was dam to twelve progeny including Rahika 1235 by Rahas and Setana 1528 by Farana. The champions Barq, El Nattall, Fer Natta and Nadjur among others, trace to Bazikh.

Bazleyd sired twenty six offspring. Among them were the full sisters out of Gharifet 621: Gara 1117, Gutne 899 and Ginnyya 1192 and the successful mares Gasara 1039 out of Guemura 277 and Gazya 969 out of Gulnare 278 who was exported to Britain where she produced thriteen foals. Bazleyd was used in the Never Die program, getting four horses for them, including Never Die Bazraf 10600 and Never Die Silhouette 10601. The Bazleyd daughter Maraq 1040 out of Markada 525 was used in this program as well.

The mare Hurzab produced only five offspring, but they were very successful ones. They included the mare Bourtai 1113 by *Nasr 885, the mare Kokab 1485 by Roglemar Duhki 1059, dam of fifteen foals and the mare Kontessa Lee 1624 by Nusi 652 (Gulastra x Nusara) who was double *Abu Zeyd and triple Mesaoud.

Next, we will look at Gharis 635 who was out of Guemura 277. He was the sire of fifty progeny, many of whom bred on successfully, most notably Ghareyna 5008 out of Gran Via 1300 and Gharisa 5084 out of the Gran Via daughter Mona Lisa 2465.

*Abu Zeyd's daughter Ghazil 635 out of *Hamida 509 produced only five offspring, but one of them was Hassan Bey 1071 by Ghawi 743 who in turn sired Gazzabey 6138 out of Gazyya 3178 making her double *Abu Zeyd. Gazzabey was the dam of Wasl Raffles 8657 by *Raffles and was bred back to her son for a total of five inbred offspring including Laurief 21974 and Bint Gazzabey 80746. Another of Ghazil's offspring was Hawija 1469 by Ronek 807 who was the dam of seven including Abu Raseyn 3253 by *Raseyn and Surrab 2412 by *Latif 1454. Hawija was also bred to her half brother Hassan Bey for two foals. Ghazil also produced the mare Valida 1072 by Ghawi who was in turn dam of Gulida 1707 by Gulastra. Gulida produced Bint Gulida of endurance fame.

Larkspur 199 was a bay mare out of Onrust 14. She was dam of ten foals including Nejal 655 by Rehal 504 who was inbred to his dam for three of her foals including Roglemar Duhki who was bred to the Bazleyd daughter Hurzab to produce the further linebred mare Kokab. Larkspur also produced Niht 578 by *Rodan. She was dam to the Katar 1159 sons Kahar, Kaniht and Black Tar. Larkspur's daughter Nisa 473 by Sargon 225 was the dam of Nima 3782 by Image: dam of Nimja, Geynima and others, and of Rafnisa 2072 by *Raffles, dam of Thoraff.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Nusara 371 out of *Noam 167. She was the dam of eleven foals including Nabih 581 by Raja-Al-Mustakbal 503, dam of Charmeen 2882 by Indraff, who was the dam of Charaff: Nadirat 619 by *Rizvan 381, dam of the famed mare Aarah 1184 by Ghadaf as well as Aalastra 3716 by Gulastra and Nusik 1664 by Sikin both of whom bred on strongly and were very influential themselves.

This is a very small sampling of the influence of only one of Mesaoud's get. Much more could be said about *Abu Zeyd's influence, many of his offspring were inbred and line bred to other sources of Mesaoud blood to intensify that influence. I will continue next time with Mesaoud's most famous imported son: *Astraled 238 out of the Blunt's desert import Queen of Sheba.



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