Geshe Michael Roach, Diamond Cutter, with Christie McNally Buddhism at Diamond Mountain, Bowie, Arizona
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Geshe Michael Roach, Diamond Cutter

Geshe Michael Roach is  teacher of Buddhism and Yoga who is gaining popularity in the USA and other countries. He is a published author and holds the title of Geshe, which is a doctorate in Tibetan Buddhist studies taking over 20 years to complete. This website will attempt to present a factual account of Geshe Michael's teachings and behaviour, which have recently become a cause for controversy and concern within a wide section of the Buddhist community. Many scholars and practitioners of Buddhism feel that Geshe Michael Roach’s behaviour and teachings do not conform to the teachings of the Buddha, and are damaging the purity and public perception of this 2,500 year old tradition.

Students Empowered to Break Vows

During the first term of the Tantra Course at Diamond Mountain, Geshe Michael Roach stressed to his students that after they received the Yamantaka initiation from him, they should and must teach tantra and give tantric initiation to others, regardless of whether they have completed a 100,000 mantra retreat and fire puja for this deity.

Geshe Michael Told to Disrobe!

During the time of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lamas teachings in early 2005, one of his teachers, Khensur Rinpoche, told Geshe Michael Roach that he should either disrobe or cut his hair and behave like a monk (in terms of his "consort" Christie McNally). Geshe Michael replied that he would "Think about it".

Is Geshe Michael a Monk?

The short answer is, probably, No! Monks vows are included in the Pratimoksha or Individual Liberation vows. These vows stand independant of any other vows or higher ordinations, and also stand independant of motivation. A fully ordained Buddhist Monk has a vow to never engage in any manner of sexual activity or physical union with another.

Misleading Statements!

Tucson weekly, March 24, 2005 - "Many people ask us about our relationship, because I'm a monk. ... We have a tradition that, after you've been trained for enough years, a monk should have a relationship with a special lady... You work together, not like a normal couple, not like most couples. You work for spiritual things."  This is clearly misleading and incorrect!
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