SAConf - A Windows GUI for SpamAssassin

This program allows quick and easy configuration of SpamAssassin rules, whitelists, etc. It is written in VB6, thus will run on any Win32 platform.

You may use/distribute freely, as long as the credits, URL, etc. are not altered (more detail is provided in the README).

Functionality includes:

SAConf is pretty straightforward to use - you specify the directory where your SA core RULES are stored and the path to the user configuration file.

SAConf follows the logic of NEVER altering the SA core rules - changes are only saved to the user configuration files.

Some GUI niceties are:


version 1.28 (Full version). Should work correctly on SA 2.4x, 2.5x, 2.6x, 3.0x,3.1

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