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Welcome to the Coro Center for Civic Leadership!

Coro Fellowships and Programs

The Coro Center for Civic Leadership in Pittsburgh began operating in August 1999 with the launch of Coro's flagship Fellows Program in Public Affairs. The Coro Center for Civic Leadership has two overarching goals: attracting and retaining younger leaders for the region and creating an immediate and powerful difference in our community's development.

pittsburgh3.jpgWhere do Coro Fellows learn the public affairs process? In the boardrooms, council chambers, union halls, newsrooms, religious institutions and conference rooms where policy is designed and implemented. The real world is Coro's classroom.

From our inception, the Coro Center for Civic Leadership planned to augment the national Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs and incorporate other regional programming in subsequent years. Today is proof that we have expanded and we are still growing.

Click Here to see a video about the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs

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  pittsburgh1.jpgWith its roots in the ashes of European democracies at the end of the Second World War, Coro, a non-profit, non-partisan educational institute with concern for the health and vitality of democratic self-governance, is no less important today. The world in which we find ourselves now - with unprecedented speed of communication, immense amounts of information, extraordinary wealth and shameful poverty - challenges us as individuals and societies to define where we want to go and how we are going to get there.

Coro was founded in San Francisco in 1942 based on the realization that, unlike law, business or medicine, post-graduate training in the area of leadership was non-existent. Coro established centers in Los Angeles (1957), St. Louis (1972), Kansas City (1975), New York (1980), and Pittsburgh (1999). Although most centers operate independently with their own board of directors and fundraising, they remain unified in their mission, methods, and goals under the Coro National umbrella. Now home to the newest of the Coro centers, Pittsburgh and the Southwestern Pennsylvania region offer aspiring public servants a significant opportunity to actively contribute to and participate in building anew on the solid foundations of this city's deep history.

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Programs & Initiatives

Fellows Program in Public Affairs (FPPA)
FPPA recruits 16 qualified candidates for a nine-month, intensive, experiential education with an intensive hands-on training component focused on public affairs.
Coro Community Problem-Solving Fellowship (CPS)
CPS is intended to expose bright, talented African American college students to the professional, economic and social resources that exist in the region through multi-sector field assignments, seminars and networking events.
Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP)
ITLP will provide participants with eight-weeks of exposure to many aspects of related technology in the Internet, organizational security, IT enterpreneurship, communications and wirless technologies.
Women in Leadership Program (WIL)
The WIL Program will prepare local women to be part of the diverse regional leadership cadre prepared to significantly improve the region's ability to become a successful competitor in the 21st Century.
Emerging Leaders in Public Affairs (ELPA)
ELPA will position program pasrticipants for increased involvement in the electoral process as ethical and effective candidates, campaign staffers, board members, appointees and/or community advocates. Participants will develop skills and build networks that enhance their opportunities for success in future political activities.
Regional Internship Center (RIC)
RIC is committed to increasing the number of businesses committed to offering internships in the region by actively working with employers to assist them in developing successful internship programs.
Coro Research
The role of research in Coro training is to deepen understanding of existing institutions and networks of civic engagement in southwestern Pennsylvania. Research seeks to address the following questions: Who participates in the civic life? What are the issues that motivate different groups to participate? What difference does it make that people participate?
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About Pittsburgh

  pittsburgh2.jpg Pittsburgh is centered at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers that join to create the Ohio, which rushes west to eventually pour into the mighty Mississippi. Perhaps best known for its history of steel and industry, Pittsburgh today is building on its assets of world-renowned research institutions, a vital scene of arts and culture, a proud work ethic, powerful sense of local identity and a strong philanthropic community to forge a dynamic role in our global community. Pittsburgh has become a hub for research and development in the areas of technology and healthcare.

Pittsburgh offers many pleasures - easy access to people and places; a willingness to share, teach and learn; and a low cost of living and high quality of life in a region rich with natural amenities. (Visit the Links page for more information about the Pittsburgh region.)

In this environment-a unique junction of old and new, change and preservation-the Coro Center for Civic Leadership (Coro or CCCL) in Pittsburgh is building upon Coro's foundation of sixty years of service and commitment to the public interest. Because the decisions of the information age are more dependent than ever on the quality of individual thought and ethical action, Coro strives to be a place where progressive minds come together and nurture great ideas. Coro works to cultivate informed and intelligent public servants who will act with vision, passion and commitment.

We at the Coro Center for Civic Leadership are inspired by the opportunity to grow as an innovative public service organization in collaboration with our community. Coro provides an experiential approach to leadership development with a strong emphasis on collaboration, networking, group process, community involvement and multiple-sector initiatives. Coro has created pathways to learning and understanding the diversity of community perspectives and helping to create customer-driven institutions for talented individuals in many fields and disciplines. This is accomplished through team-based training in creative problem-solving, inquiry, interviewing and questioning techniques, planning and facilitating meetings and public speaking.

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