The Fanfic of Liz Owens

I can't help it--I'm an incurable romantic.  I guess it's no wonder that my stories have a vague smell of salt air about them--it's that ship I'm sailing on.  Read on if you have your sea legs....


In which Mulder discovers that Scully is keeping a secret from him. (PG)

In which Scully has a dream.  Or does she?  (A sequel to "Lux") (NC-17)

In which Mulder and Scully try to meet in the middle.  (A sequel to "Adagio, Appassionato") (PG-13)

In which Scully reflects on the trip to Kroner, Kansas and her feelings for her partner.  (PG)


In which Mulder and Scully enjoy a little dinner, a little baseball, and wrestle with an expense report. (PG)


Annunciation (Part 1): A piece of mail changes Mulder and Scully's lives forever. (R)

Epiphany (Part 2): Mulder and Scully are invited to dinner. (R)

Transfiguration (Part 3): Mulder and Scully attend a dinner party with a few surprises. (PG)

Visitation (Part 4): Evil lurks even in the holiest of places. (PG-13)

Passion (Part 5): Mulder and Scully meet an unlikely pair of holy men. (PG-13)

Lamentation (Part 6): The visit to Job's House leads to tragic consequences. (R)

Mysterium Fidei (Part 7): We arrive at an ending of sorts. (PG)


Isolation (Part 1): Separation anxiety reigns as Scully takes a vacation. (PG-13)

Communication (Part 2): Reach out and touch someone. (PG-13)

Decision (Part 3): Happiness may be found when you're not looking for it. (PG-13)

Reconciliation (Part 4): Homecoming. (PG-13)

Scully takes a little stroll. (NC-17)


Mulder and Scully attempt to endure a training session. (NC-17)


Scully works on accepting the changes in her life. (G)


Scully gets caught in a downpour. (PG)


Scully sees time slip away. (PG)


The evening after the night before. (NC-17)


A sleepless night in Alexandria. (PG)


A simple object sparks complicated emotions. (PG)