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Resource Analysis  
Agricultural Land Conversion

Articles, reports and data prepared by Resource Analysis staff unless otherwise noted.

Colorado Agricultural Land Conversion

Agricultural Land Trends 1959-1997:  COUNTY  level changes in farm and ranchland, cropland and irrigated land acreage based on the Colorado Agriculture Statistics Service

Land in Farms (includes cropland, rangeland, woodland, and other land on farms and ranches)

Cropland (includes dry and irrigated cropland)

Irrigated Land (includes irrigated cropland and irrigated pasture)

Colorado Land Ownership:
Colorado Statistics Regarding State, Federal & Other Land Ownership.
The following tables are available for viewing in Microsoft Excel.
Totals for Federal, State & Other Land
Totals for Federal Agencies Land

Colorado County Profiles:
Regarding Land Use, Land Ownership, Production Value, Agribusiness and Population Trends.

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Agricultural Land Conversion

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