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Welcome to the Softimage Tutorial Bank. Please visit often as we are adding tutorials on a regular basis!

These tutorials have been developed or updated for SOFTIMAGE|XSI 4.0. Reasonable care has been taken in preparing the information. If you find any problems, please forward them to, and we will correct them as soon as possible.

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Latest v.4.0 Tutorials


Franky (part 1, 2 and 3)

Written by Emanuele Pangrazi from Authorized Training Centre Oz Studio (Terni, Italy).

This tutorial explains how to use toon shaders in XSI. [Updated Jul 12, 2005]

NB: the videos are in italian

View the WVM tutorial 1

View the WVM tutorial 2

View the WVM tutorial 3

Visit Oz Studio


Animation Offset

Written by Yoav Binyamini, Independant Certified Instructor.

This video explains how to create animation overlaps using the fcurve editor and the dopesheet editor. [Updated Jul 13, 2005]

View the WVM tutorial


Growing Plants

Written by Tom Sporer.

This tuturial shows how to create growing plants or corals using XSI particles in combination with the blob shader. [Updated Avr 26, 2005]

View the WVM tutorial

Visit Tom Sporer's web site


Telescopic Arm

Written by Trey Nall from Authorized Training Centre Pirate Productions Studios.

This tutorial shows how to create and animate a telescopic mechanical arm using different constraints, constraint compensation, linked parameters and a custom parameter set. [Updated Avr 21, 2005]

View the WVM tutorial

Visit Pirate Productions Studios


If you have any more questions, please feel free to send them to




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