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1. The Rocking Stone

2. Druid Belief Of Rocking Stones

3. Ufo. Theory

4. Dowsing

5. Ufo. Sighting Interview & 2nd story of Mr. Harry Hartill.

1. The rocking stone.

The Common in Pontypridd is an ancient land mark. The rocking stone is Druidic and is surrounded by a circle of stones. In the past it has had various other names such as "LOGAN STONE" or "CARREG SIGLO". It is said to be a copy of the original which stood across the road where the Cottage Hospital now stands.

It was put there in 1861 by the new Druids, (Dr. William Price and Myfyr Morganwg). The stone has also been known as "MAEN" and "CELWRN", and earlier accounts of these types of stones date back to the Phoenician times which predate Christianity.

The Rocking Stones were Druidic emblems of the "SACRED FLOATING ARK SHRINE". It is said that the Ark was placed on the side of the mountain for the Queen of Heaven and was anchored by an umbilical cord to the bowels of the earth, enabling the earth's oil to reach the surface of the Ark , the oil would then be heated by the suns rays allowing its eggs to be fertilised. The word "MAEN" signifies a stone set apart as a religious symbol or emblem.

The other name "CARREG" is used indiscriminately to describe any stone. The word "MAEN" is the more ancient description and is taken from the verb "Dymuno" which is to be united to someone or something. The most ancient name for the Rocking stone is "CELWRN" or "CAULDRON " (Could the fact that a farm near by was named "GWERN-Y-CELWRN" or in English "OIL OF THE CAULDRON" mean that it had anything to do with this subject?).


Earliest accounts we have of these Rocking Stones are given in literature of Phoenicia Palestine , in the writings of "Sanchoniathon", who flourished in times long before the Christian era. Sanchoniathon refers to a God named "OURANOS", (ARAWN of the Druids) as having invented Baetulia , contriving that stones that move of having life.

"Arawn" from the Welsh word "Ara" meaning "slow", is one of the many titles given to the Sun as old and slow when approaching the close of the solar year. The Greeks altered the word "OURANOS " from the Latin word "URANUS".


Druids believed that " the earth and from it all created objects had been gradually built up by means of essence or sap . This Idea was mainly grounded on the fact that in spring time the annual growth of things commenced with the streaming up through the earth of sap in vegetation arrived at the correct conclusion, that the earth's sap by itself was passive and fruitless , that there was another sap of an active nature, provided to fertilise the said passive sap of the earth, to make it fruitful.

The active sap they discovered came down in the suns rays which they called "GWER-HES" (Gwres). Which signifies "OIL OF THE SUN". The Druids speculated as to where the first cargo of it came from, before the first circle or compass of the earth was placed in space on the face of the deep. They came to the conclusion that there is beyond the Ocean a mysterious country where the sap itself is manufactured by a devine chemist "MERYLLT" or "splitter of essence".


In Egypt the Ark was called "Thebet", the Welsh name is Twba meaning Tub in English was derived from this. There is every probability the Druids believed that the most holy galley in its return voyage to the "ISLE OF THE BLESSED", also called "THE FORTUNATE ISLE AND THE ATLANTIDES", conveyed as favourite passengers, multitudes of sanctified souls.

These old world ideas of the Druids as baring gauld points out are preserved in hymns. One of the principle Druidic emblems of the sacred galley ,loaded with its cargo of embryotic essence, was an egg, commonly called the Mundane egg, which was warn by the Archon or Arch Druid, suspended around his neck.

According to the new Druids, The Queen of Heaven , the spirit of the Ark is called CARIADWEN, or Holy sweetheart , Ked or preserver, NYTH or NYDDRIG , turner of the revolving wheel of the solar system, GWR-AACH or brave as a man.


Many authorities on U.F.O.s consider this area and its stone foundation to have strong connections with U.F.O.s and that the "SACRED FLOATING ARK " was the ancients description of a flying saucer, while "OIL OF THE CAULDRON" was their descriptive way of explaining an advanced fuel and form of flight to a later backward race.

A UFO. was spotted and photographed over the Common. People said they saw the object in the sky in January 1979 and a photograph of it was published in the Pontypridd Observer news paper on March 30th 1979. The photograph was taken by a Mrs. Patricia Powell of Rhydyfelin Pontypridd whilst walking her dog Judy.

She says in the news paper article "It hovered in the sky for about 5 minutes then disappeared at great speed toward Tonteg, I had never seen anything like it before."

Mrs. Powell continues, " I just couldn't believe it , I simply do not believe in flying saucers or things from outer space, but after seeing this I'm not so sceptical. It was silver coloured , quite thick looking and was completely silent, I was mesmerised by it. It must have been about 30 FT across, I couldn't see anyone inside but I had the feeling I was being watched ."

The airbase at St. Athens were contacted and they confirm that there was something "unaccountable " on their radar on this day. I have not been able to contact Mrs. Patricia Powell to discuss this subject with her , and I have not seen her photograph (I have only seen the photo produced in the Pontypridd news paper the Observer).

Mr. Doug Roles of Quakers Yard, examined the Rocking stone on the Common and discovered that the one eye of the serpent that surrounds the Rocking Stone has the same symbols said to be on the reported aircraft which crash landed in Soccoro , Roswell, New Mexico (information on these symbols can be found in a book by Ray Stanford called the Socorro Saucer).


I have always felt drawn to the Common, even as a child, I always preferred to play there, rather than the nearby Ynysyngharad park. Just recently I discovered Dowsing. It never even entered my head that I would be able to dowse, but an experiment at home soon proved me capable of this. I do not pretend to understand all that I've read on the subject, all I know is that I am able to find water, and I have also discovered I am able to pick up energy points from the earth.

It was suggested to me that if I feel drawn to an area (sometimes a need to visit an area that seems pointless to me because there is nothing there, i.e. an open flat space on the mountain or a specific pile of stones - "cairnes") then I should try and Dowse that place. So I made myself a pair of Dowsing rods and off I went to the Common, not really knowing what would happen or what I would find.

When I Dowsed the area I found eight points where my rods crossed, these were four points in the stone circle itself and another four points just outside the stone circle.

Also there is a "serpent" of stones which surrounds the Rocking Stone (you will see on my first diagram with this article). The eyes of the serpent face up and toward the monument. One eye of the serpent has five circles on it with a hole in the centre of about an inch and a half , the other eye has Druidic symbols engraved on it.

All the books I have read through , in search of what the symbols might mean, have not given me any clues what so ever, but when I showed a friend the symbols and the Welsh translation (of such) he immediately picked up a pen and wrote what he thought,. my translation was.... WH A F C S T I L T O OR WH A F C S T B L P O

When I Dowsed inside the serpent stones I discovered my rods acting strangely, by this I mean as I walked toward the tail end, as the stones got closer my rods began to draw closer to a point, till I got to the tail end and as I crossed outside the stones my rods crossed , once outside the area the rods were not picking anything up.

From this I discovered that inside the area the rods were reacting to something, but outside the area there was nothing. There was one other place that my rods reacted to, for what reason I don't know, as you will see on the diagrams provided, it was a small mound near the serpents head. This was a very strong point, it attracted the rods from a greater distance away than any other point.


An interview with a Mr. Harry Hartill of Rhydyfelin about the sighting in January 1979. Mr. H. Hartill, who is a retired traffic warden, had 2 stories to tell me.

Mr. Hartill began with his first story over the phone. "At about 2 pm. one January afternoon in 1979, it was a wonderful sunny day not a cloud in the sky, no leaves on the trees, quite a glorious day. I stood on the bridge over the railway just at the end of Tyfyca Crescent, when I was looking toward Cilfynydd and Nelson, when I saw what I thought was an aircraft in flames due to the smoke being emitted from behind it, the smoke was swirling, spiralling from behind it.

As I watched Mr. Rabiotee was walking past and asked me what was I looking at, so I showed him, and said I was watching to see where it would land, then where it fell I would go to the police station and inform them because the pilot will need help. Mr. Rabiotee then stood with me and watched . As it came closer, more over Cilfynydd, I saw the aircraft go up and behind Anna street, here it levelled, smoke was still being emitted from the craft, then it continued toward the common, I spotted a green patch of field where I thought the aircraft might land , but it didn't - it disappeared behind some houses and when it did reappear it just hung in the sky over the mountain.

Mrs. Harris of Tyfyca crescent came out to see what was going on, so when I told her she went back in the house and reappeared with a pair of binoculars ,. As I looked at the aircraft through the binoculars I saw that it was the size of a small car and was just hanging there.

I went down to the police station and asked if anything had been reported, they said no, but Sergeant Anderson (who would be retired now, but I have not been able to trace) said - come on Harry we'll take a look in the panda.

I thought it had crashed more toward the golf club. We looked down into a quarry were I thought it must've landed, we asked a farmer nearby if he had seen anything, but he hadn't. So we drove down toward Pontypridd to the Common.

A woman in the end house said she had seen it further toward Cilfynydd. Later sergeant Anderson and I heard on the radio that two other people had seen the object, one who was an engineer at Rhoose airport was driving toward Pontypridd, and the other was at the Fiddlers Elbow also driving toward Pontypridd. Then Sergeant Anderson said to me - there you are Harry your not the only one then."

Update: 2nd Story Of Mr. Harry Hartill

Mr. Hartill continued to tell me his other story which he has only told to 3 other people , he told it to me because he new I wouldn't mock him about it and call him a nutcase.

"Being a traffic warden , I would sometimes work in Beddae, and I liked to watch the children at home time across the roads, because the cars drive so fast along that road. One day, not long after the event I just spoke of, a car screeched to a halt by the side of me and the passenger in the front seat wound the window down frantically and asked for directions to the nearest hospital, so I looked into the car as I directed them to the East Glamorgan Hospital.


What I saw I took to be an industrial accident of sorts - there were two people in the back seat, one was, wearing a silver coloured suit and had a green face, the suit was a body suit , like the sort you would see a deep sea diver wearing. It was a tight bodied suit, not loose like a boiler suit.

But, when I asked my friend Colin Davies (who was a nurse in the Hospital at that time but now he is retired and living in Plas Carmel Flats) if anyone of this description had been admitted into hospital via the Casualty department he asked around for me but found no one or any accident reported that was itself unusual or even resembling what Mr. Hartill had told him.

Gayna Andrews 1-6-95

[Gayna lives in South Wales and has recently become interested in UFO's and spirit matters. As more reports come her way we can expect some more interesting reports. -ED]

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